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I have been a customer since 2008. At first I was skeptical about the 35 point commitment but after the first 6 months, I found that it was very easy to maintain if you switch stores.

I found that by slowly switching stores, I saved money in the long run. Last year, I decided to test out how much I save with Melaleuca by comparing my friend's Walmart receipts with mine on comparable products. On average, her receipts would ring up $132, with their highest in August '14 which was $167 (not counting Black Friday). My biggest two months were March and September with the combined bill of $158.

Not only that, I compared school shopping lists and my friend spent almost $70 more than I did with similar lists, except I bought shoes too. I bought online through Marketplace and received about $3 in a rebate from Kohl's and $1.50 back from

Her excuse for not being a Melaleuca customer is the 35 point commitment even though she is buying $130 of stuff every month anyway. And I don't argue, her prerogative.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

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You compared your friend's receipts with Walmart and yours with Melaleuca but you didn't compare your doctor bills!!! Our doctor visits have been reduced A LOT!

Yeaaa! I love it when my family is healthy. Think about it - our bodies are not machines made to breathe or consume the toxins that are in about everything we touch or eat. When the liver has to clean the blood impurities that we LOAD on with the junk we eat or clean with, we get sluggish.

When we get rid of the toxins, we let the body do as it was designed.

In our household, we put ourselves on the road to good health awhile ago and have never regretted the good bill of health from the doctor's office. I love Melaleuca!