Union City, Ohio

I PAID to enroll on the 27th of the month and told by my enroller I could cancel at any time without purchasing anything. This was obviously a lie as the cancel by date was the 25th, IN WRITING no less.

I called customer service on the 30th as I had searched for products and found none that were cheaper than Amazon or without artificial sweeteners or fragrances that I would like to purchase. Customer service told me that I had to make a 35 point purchase (i.e. at least $52.99 worth) no matter what and informed me that I had a 3 day right to cancel and that I was just past my third day. I told them that I would dispute the charges on my CC, so they told me that they would just send me a backup order and then send me to collections.

I asked to speak to a manager and got nowhere. So sorry. Nothing we can do. So, now I'm $75.00 poorer with extremely overpriced products sitting on my counter that I do not want nor need and am seriously angry and hurt that a company that claims to be a "Wellness Company" is such a horrible scam.

Not only are their products a scam but the company appears to me to be like a "Pyramid Scheme" and it's just ridiculous.

Complete and utter deceit. I am disgusted with this company's practices.

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This is the perecft post for me to find at this time


It's sad to read that you were misled; however, you should take it out on the representative rather than the company. I've known people that's been with Mela for over 15 yrs and never had any issues.

I personally know someone that signed up as a direct customer and only spent 18.76 (incl shipping) so whoever told you the 35 pt order was mandatory lied to you.

What would make Mela "appear to be a pyramid" (as you put it)? Most people do not understand the difference between Multi-level Marketing (mlm) and consumer direct. Multi level involves acquiring a product the reselling for a fee. Companies like Avon or Mary Kaye are MLMs.

If you want to get technical, your local grocery store or department stores would be MLMs because of the markup. Mela doesn't have that.

You buy direct from the manufacturer so there's no markup; hence the term consumer direct marketing.

I would offer to purchase the products you have if they are still available, but you would have to reconsider Mela. Deal?


I too, along with a few people who have also been briefed about the company, agree that it seems to be a polished pyramid scheme. You get signed on by a current Mela Director, Senior Director, etc.. You then have to branch out and get your own people to sign up who they themselves NEED to purchase product MONTHLY. Oh but there is more, you yourself NEED to purchase MONTHLY. All this in order to receive a check. How is that not a pyramid scheme, or rather, a polished one? The person who signed you up gets more money off the money you get. The person who signed them up gets more money off of them who got it from you, etc..

In your paragraph, you didnt address why it is not a pyramid scheme. You went on to talk about MLM and consumer direct, but didnt address the issue.

I dont know about all of you, but I dont buy product every month. So having to purchase 35points a month EVERY month, wont work for me.

Thanks, but no thanks.


Sorry that the information on setting up your account was not correctly explained. The person who helped you set up your account should have helped you with the placement of your first order before the paper work was sent in.

Fortunately you can return the products for a FULL refund.

You will only be out the cost of shipping. You can send back the empty containers, and not have to pay for excess weight


You'll get over it. You didn't follow the contract, what are you surprised about?

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