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When I first ordered products from Melaleuca.com, the site required that I store a credit card in my online account. Months later, they chose to send me a shipment of product that I never requested and they charged me $70 for it.

When I returned the box unopened, they credited my Melaleuca account for $48.

When I requested that the full $70 be credited to my credit card, they told me that the missing $22 was my responsibility for the shipping (both ways) of the shipment they chose to send, plus a restocking fee. They also stated that to use the $48 credit, I'd have to call them and order their product (and pay shipping) at the outrageous 'non-member' rate.

Steer clear of this company and its products.

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This person did not understand the concept of Melaleuca ordering procedure. She received a back up order.

The best way to join Melaleuca is to have a representative come out and do a presentation for you of the products and the company this way there is no confusion. Melaleuca is not a Scam. They are a very reliable and honest company. Been a member for over 20 years.



When YOU agreed to be a customers, you were told UPFRONT that you were required to place an order EACH month, in order to enjoy the benefits of shopping with Melaleuca. In addition, both in the presentation AND on the enrollment form YOU signed you were told about the back up order which is there so you can maintain your preferred status and not lose your membership benefits.

In addition, YOU select the products you want in your back up order so you get WHAT YOU WANT in the event you forget to order! That was all spelled out in the agreement you signed at enrollment.

Melaleuca is THE most ethical and upstanding company around.


Who has time to read the small print when the agent promises lots of benefits to join. None of the hidden cost of returning products were ever discussed at time of meeting.

I guess you make money by selling the concept and that is why you agree with this policy. :( :upset


Melaleuca is a membership program which is explained to you when you enroll. You pay for annual membership.

When you set up your membership you also set up a back order which protects your membership benefits which includes $100 in free products, loyalty dollars, and discounts. This back order is only sent out when you forget to order. As a customer you also receive revenue checks. All this is covered when you enroll.

Their products are great products. They are healthy for the environment, and the home. They are concentrated, and cost less than grocery store brands. Melaleuca also has an A+ rating with the BBB, and their cEO sits in the US chamber of Commerce.

So they cover all their bases.

It seems the problem is you not reading your agreement you signed with them.


Sounds like you are a rep for TRADER JOE's dishwashing liquid.


I have used Melaleuca for 9 years and love the product. When UPS smashed my box and some of the product was missing Melaleuca sent me all of my orde and did not want what I had left.


The CEO is a dinasour when it comes to using the internet to market Melaleuca and is also paranoid about distributors making false claims about earnings or about benefits of the products which may end up with claims against Melaleuca, even though the claims would not be made by the company but by independent distributors.

Instead they teach/encourage that anyone signing up meets their sponsor in person who is supposed to give them a full 20-30 minute presentation, which also explains the rules about back-up orders.

People obviously have an inclination to ahort-cut this process...

The business model itself, when correctly applied, rewards diligence and a desire to help other people (you cannot succeed in it without helping other succeed)


"The back-up order allows Melaleuca to have an idea of how much product to manufacture each month." I have some swamp land somewhere....

"guaranteed that you are receiving high quality products at lower prices than grocery store brands." Really? That is freaking hilarious!

@B F

You obviously have not educated yourself regarding Melaleuca products or you would not be making such a claim. I have used the products for several years, and they are THE BEST and MOST ECONOMICAL by far.

Where else can you buy SULFATE FREE shampoo for $4.99? And it workds better than any of the comparative brands that cost more? There are many such products and NONE of theme have any toxins AND work as well or better than the other products on the market that HAVE toxins.

You don't need to worry about having packets of detergent exploding in your child's eyes, etc. Try doing your research!


from ALL comments I have read I would not Ever order from/join Melaleuca. sounds like Amway BS ,which has some good products, but IMO not worth the extra money!

I have/will never give ANY company!

authority to Auto bill my account, that is a recipe for disaster right there as is the auto back up order! sounds like the same scammy methods as the old record and book clubs used!


I hope you don't make all you life's decisions based on "comments you have read" online! Many people don't think twice about giving authority to auto bill, to utility companies or mobile phone companies who regularly over-bill people with crazy extras they never expected!

You do realize that even if there were hundreds of people on here complaining over a few years, that there are close to 1 million people shopping EVERY MONTH with Melaleuca so the percentage of complaints (some of which are due to customers refusing to return the forms asked for) to monthly shopping over that time is something like 0.0009%. Lets keep things in perspective here!


If you have any problems cancelling your account here is the breakdown of management.

Lindsey Skinner - Call Center Manager: She has the ultimate say on backup order processing and canceling accounts.

Martin Casarriego - Daytime Manager: If you are calling before 5pm (Mountain Standard Time) He is the manager directly under Lindsey.

Jericho Cline - Nighttime Manager: If you are calling after 5pm (MST) Lindsey is gone for the day and he is the ultimate authority.

If you ask to speak to a supervisor, the associate will most likely transfer you to what is called a "Team Lead". Basically a secretary with no supervisor authority. Make sure you are speaking with a supervisor, because Team Leads will say they are supervisors.

Daytime Supervisors:

Ty Taylor (Spanish)

Marcia Acosta (Spanish)


Dan Toone

Jackie Maupin

Chris Hader

Susan Davis

Paige Cahoon

Nighttime Supervisors:


Michael Watkins

Quinn Hansen

Coby James

Thomas Jenkins

Phil Warnak

Derek Zaugg

Bradford Hunt

I'm not familiar with all of the nighttime supervisors, there are others I haven't listed.

If you would like to speak with Lindsey, Martin, or Jericho directly. Here is Melaleuca's internal operator number.


An associate will answer and ask how she can direct your call.

Simply ask for "Lindsey Skinner" and she will transfer you. If Lindsey is busy and doesn't pick up, you can leave a message.

For email, it is simply the supervisor or manager's first letter of their initial and last name @melaleuca.com

For example:

Lindsey Skinner's email is lskinner@melaleuca.com

Martin Casarriego's email is mcasarriego@melaleuca.com (If I spelled his name right)

Jericho Cline's email is jcline@melaleuca.com


I’m happy to help you with your concerns. I’m sorry to hear that you want to change your status with us. I would like to explain the value of continuing with your preferred customer membership with Melaleuca.

Being a Melaleuca preferred customer means that you are guaranteed that you are receiving high quality products at lower prices than grocery store brands. Click Here for price comparisons on popular products. Melaleuca preferred customers receive a 30-40 percent discount off the regular customer price just for your loyalty with our company. Where else will you get $100 in free product with your new membership and then continue to earn shopping dollars to use on products just for shopping with us each month?

At Melaleuca we have first-class products and technology that you can’t find anywhere else. By staying a preferred customer, you have access to the Renew products and Oligo technology that thousands of customers have used and felt improvement in their lives by using these products. Our Melaleuca Ecosense cleaning line will give you peace of mind knowing that you aren’t bringing harsh chemicals into your home and around your family, but safe products that are still giving the same power of cleaning that you depend on. As a preferred customer you also receive extra services that go above and beyond what any grocery store can give. We offer our Marketplace online where you can receive discounts and rebates when you shop with popular stores. We have discounts on cellphones and cellphone service, home security, healthcare, and Life Lock that can protect you and your family from identity theft.

Many preferred customers choose to build their own Melaleuca business. Just by telling their friends about the wonderful products they use every day in their own home, they are able to earn a secondary income that has allowed some of our members to actually become debt free! We have a website for customers already in place and fantastic trainings and materials so that customers can become business builders without any risk or hassle. We have a Business Development team prepared to answer questions Monday through Friday from 6am-6pm MST so that any concerns you or your customers have can get answered quickly.

At Melaleuca we truly value our customers and understand that they should always receive world class customer service. We stand behind our products and believe that our preferred customer program can benefit everyone.

If you find these benefits do not exceed your needs and you still wish to suspend your preferred membership, you may download a Suspend Preferred Benefits Form online by going to www.melaleuca.com/youroptions.

If there is anything else I can do for you, please email me at info@melaleuca.com.

Thank you,

Elisa Lopez

Melaleuca Customer Care


we signed... one of the first things I asked, is: why, if you are as good as you claim, none of your products is listed/compared/tested by Consumer Reports?... the answer was a blank face...

but, wife wanted to join, so we joined.

the other day I was washing a silicon oven tray, and there were oily spots everywhere... it looked more like the silicon was melting... I washed it 5 times (using Melaleuca dish wash detergent) and nothing... I was ready to throw it away, when I saw a bottle of Trader Joe's dish washing liquid under the sink... so I tried it... it cleaned the tray at the very first attempt...

I don't need to test any other product of their miraculous line of *best than the other* line... dish washing products have no secret, there is no need for a rocket scientist to create soap...!!! and they cannot do that!!!...



@ Hlooy - yes you are. There is a 100% money back gurantee on anything you purchase.


Melaleuca is amazing :) they only send a back up order if you forget to order for the month. They even give you til the last day. And when you sign up you can customize your back up order so that if you dont order or forget to, you will recieve the back up order you chose to which is really convenient :) I am a happy customer and will be for the foreseeable future :)


So "preferred customer" means I'm not entitled to a refund when they choose to ship products to me?


They didn't "choose", you did! Surely by now you have read the rules sent to you to find out what you didn't originally understand that made you mad?


In order to receive the "preferred customer" reduced pricing, you signed up to receive a backup order to be automatically filled should you not order by a certain day of the month. That is the product order you received. You may order products from Melaleuca for full retail price at any time without having a backup order agreement.

The back-up order allows Melaleuca to have an idea of how much product to manufacture each month.


I have never had a problem with the products. I'm a preferred customer but certainly not a business builder, just not my thing.

We have been using the products for 10 years. Even canceled our membership a few times to try store brands. Rejoined melaleuca. We don't like or use all their products, but we have favorites we swear by: renew lotion, laundry detergent, automatic dishwasher detergent, and a few others.

I miss the sun valley scents terribly though. Can't stand the body satin scents. Don't use their ibuprofen, band aids, etc......c'mon.

Anyplace sells that stuff.

Some marketing reps just want you to sign up but do not explain membership requirements etc......

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