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I signed up with them and the rep that signed me up never tells you everything. It costs a minimum of $70 a month and if you don't order monthly they will randomly select items for you and charge you for it.

Unless, you tell them a head of time what you like. They say you don't have to invest anything. That is pure b.s. $70 plus shipping is investing and it's extremely expensive.

I can go to any grocery store or natural health food store and spend a lot less if I want anything. Thank God I cancelled. I asked how much the shipping was. The answer was a few dollars.

It was more then a few dollars.

I feel I was mislead and lied to. I would never buy into this again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Your experience is only as good as your presenter. If your presenter lied to you or withheld important information, be mad at them, not the company.

You shouldn't kick the cat when you're mad at the dog.

I have only had good experiences with this company. I've called Customer Service several times to get questions answered, and I've had several video teleconferences with people in the company who were very willing to spend the time to make sure I understood everything correctly.

I am in the process of trying products and so far, I like everything I've tried. Some of it I may or may not buy again, but not because I don't like it or because it doesn't do what it says it will do. I'm looking for the Gee Whiz Wow factor and if it's not there, then whatever is in the grocery store will do fine.

Some of the products, however, are better than anything I've ever used before and I will end up stockpiling those before I ever stop ordering from this company.

I've signed up several people, and every time I find out an important piece of information I didn't know before, I share it with the people I signed up so they don't expect one thing and then get something else. I figure if I had questions, they probably do as well, but maybe aren't as willing to call Customer Service to get the answers. Some of the information isn't easy to find on line. It's there, but I can't find it, so I make a call.

Again, I say, direct your anger at the right person.

The company didn't contact you to talk you into signing up. A member did.


I would also like to add they don't show you the prices of anything until you are signed up. They say oh its only 35 points which equals $70 a month plus shipping.

Melalueca reps deceive people and don't tell you everything until it's too late.

They are not honest reps. It's all a snowjob and a scam.


Your presenter should be able to give price comparisons, I know mine did. Why sign up for a company if you don't know prices, that is just pure stupidity!!

I've looked at the slideshow you are supposed to share with potential customer, and it has some price comparisons, my presenter just happened to do a lot more.

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