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I responded to an ad on craigslist regarding an opportunity to work with a green company and make a significant income. I talked with a wonderful lady who was looking for "business partners" in the northern virginia area to work with her daughter in spreading the word about Melaleuca in the DC metro area. At first I was attracted because they seem to have a great reputation and great products. Who doesn't like saving money and using great stuff that's better for the environment to boot? So in my excitement I enrolled to be a Preferred Member and a Marketing Executive. But 24 hours later after doing some more thinking and research, I decided that the direct selling industry is not for me. In order to be successful you have to SELL people on changing their buying habits. People who see phenomenal success in opportunities like this are phenomenal SALESPEOPLE. That's why most people fail - they are not sales people - they don't have the crucial skills needed to succeed. That's what leads some people to most negative reviews online - they came in contact with a poorly skilled rep. So I recognized that sales is not for me and 24 hours after enrolling decided to cancel.


All I did was go to the site and looked at FAQ to see how to downgrade my status from preferred customer to Direct customer. Direct means I'm not locked into buying something every month. They gave me a link to a form which I download, printed and filled out according to the instructions. I then faxed in this form and 30 minutes later I got this email:

"We have received your letter requesting the cancellation of your Preferred Customer account with Melaleuca. Your account is cancelled as of 11/11/10."

"We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you. You may continue to order Melaleuca's wellness products at regular prices. It has been a pleasure having you as a member of the Melaleuca Family."

SO FREAKING EASY!! Any body who claims that Mealeuca will not let them cancel has not read the instructions!!!!! Stop blaming the company for your incompetence!!!

And if you're considering Melaleuca for the business opportunity aspect, remember that in order to succeed you have to know how to SELL!! You have to be a SALESPERSON just like a car salesman or a real estate sales person or a telemarketer. If you're not comfortable SELLING or learning how to SELL then you won't make big money.

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Thanks for this post! I think it was very well stated.


@ Un Happy, The company is not a scam. The rep you worked with may have been a scammer, but Melaleuca is a legitimate company.

A scam is when someone deliberately deprives you have something through deceit. A scammer's intention is to lie to you and take your money through those lies.

Melaleuca is very transparent about their whole process and they don't lie to you. I think you came across a bad rep.


I am still waiting on a refund from the company since September. The company does give you the run around and NO customer service.

I HATE this company and the person who signed me up and LIED about the products.

Way to expensive and are not GOOD. It is a scam beware


When I went to cancel my account it was very easy to do. I don't know what you did wrong, but they made it very easy for me.

Deby N

I find you ease at cancelling/downgrading your account a little hard to believe. I was on the phone twice within a week for 45 mins.

each time trying to cancel.

I also filled out the form and have never received a confirmation that they received it. :eek


Thanks for posting this!! I am a Melaleuca rep & there are so many companies out there that have such a bad reputation that sometimes it's very hard to battle those preconceived notions.

It's nice to see a positive post from someone who truly took the time to understand how things work instead of just jumping out there to complain like most do. It's amazing how easy it can be if you just follow a couple of steps.


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