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Thought we were geting ourself into some good products and an honest company. This company does nothing but scam you.

Once you cancel your membership they make stories up saying that your membership was not cancelled and they keep sending out monthly orders. When I got an email saying my membership was cancelled.

They keep charging my credit card every month and I told them five times i have the email they sent me and the tracking numbers saying our monthly orders were receieved to them and signed off. Don't waste your time on melaleuca it's awful and it's a scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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I came across this website due to a close friend I was trying to enroll. He read all of these comments.

Heres my two sense. Everyone has the right to express, complain and so on.The bottom line, this is a business like anything else. I work full time and explored all other opportunities out there where I can create a part time business and have an additional stream of income. I have done real estate and construction.

Nothing wrong with either one but a lot of fees. Where else can you start a business under $300.00 or not even, become a customer and enjoy great products. Obviously for all the nay sayers this is a bad deal. Not really, if you want to run a strong legitimate business with no overhead, no capital and dont worry about liabilty insurance this is your chance.

This is not a get rich job, it takes time and patience. I dont know where Im going with this that I am writing but guys, seriously either you have a bad team leader, or your with a MLM which Melaleuca is not, believe it or not cause this is not a business model that "First one in Wins and Last one in Loses" Everyone starts off on the same page. Look, with gas prices squeezing our pockets, crazy economy and loss of jobs, the sky is your limit. You make what you want and how you want.

Go @ your own pace. Theres no pressure, again if you have been pressured shame on the enroller. I dont let anyone push me around and neither should you. Sucks some have had a bad experience but re evaluate your goals and re consider.

Theres never gonna be companies out there that are gonna give you that one shot pot of gold, but you can go after it and create it. Im rambling on while sitting on break @ my full time job.

Hope to hear some feedback.If my spelling is not correct, I apologize due to writing fast. Take care guys


This company has been a blessing to the lives of thousands of its customers. IT has been a godsend to our whole family. It has an A rating with the BBB. We have over 1000 customers in our organization who have been happy customers for over 20 years and close to half of them are getting checks from Melaleuca. The company resolves all their customer issues when you work with them. We are different than your local store. To get our products at 30-40% off retail price we agree to purchase a minimum order each month and we can fax in a change from preferred customer to direct customer by the 25th of each month. Simple. If our customers are not taught that by those who introduced them to the company, it is not the company's fault.

My job as an enroller is to make sure every one is happy with the company. Contact your enroller folks and they should be making sure you are taken care of if you want to quit the business. This company has helped people financially like none other. Just for switching stores and telling others to do the same, you can get your products each month for free, make car payments, make mortgage payments, build a retirement income. WHERE ELSE CAN YOU DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a fabulous company! PERIOD!! If the company is in the wrong, it will always make it right. The customer usually did not do something that was in the statement of policies like notify by the 25th of the month that they wanted to terminate. A call will not do, it has to be a paper document faxed or sent. See that is the enrollers fault if

that information is not given to a new customer. If any of these folks were my enrollees I would be with them and personally make sure they were taken care by the company. THAT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY AS AN ENROLLER!!The enroller signs them in and should be right there to take care of any issues!


It's a scam folks. I joined them in the mid 90's.

Tried pitching their stuff, failed and tried to quit. I was verbally beaten but sponsor, his sponsor and so on. After three or four more shipments after calling to cancel again and again and again, I closed the credit card, switched banks and that's when the mess finally ended. I still have a 4 1/2 gallons of laundry soap that didn't work, 3 large bottles of pine cleaning floor soap that stained by floors, a case of first aid cream and several bottles of hand soap that no one liked the smell of.

And this was from 1994-5 period, how much soap did can a single guy actually use. I fell for the lies.

Scam, scam scam.

Treat this company like Aids, avoid them at all costs.


One thing you can do, if money is being taken out of your account from a credit card or debit card, you can cancel that card and get a new one with a different number. I have done that with a company that did the same thing you say Melaleuca did to you. 8)


I was a member of Melaleuca for almost 3 years. I decided to cancel my membership with them.

I had no problem at all.

They were polite and courteous, and didn't try to change my mind. I have no complaints about them at all.


I am not the same person as melaleuca123, just to clarify. signed up with the co.

on 10.13.10.

I suspect that all of the wonderful reviews are written by the same group of people, do you agree with that? I was responding to the original complaint above, not the comment #9.


I didn't have any problems canceling my account with Melaleuca. I anticipate they are not making anything up, but possibly there truly was a problem.

In my experience they try to fix whatever issues someone has, at least that's how they always were with me.

I anticipate that Melaleuca123 and Deb are the same person based on their writing style and timing of their complaint. and similar complaints.

Either way, Melaleuca is a great company to work with with really great customer service in my opinion. Give them a call and they'll probably make things right very quickly.



The company is doing the exact same thing to me, taking money out of my account, after I have cancelled. We have bank statements that show this, and you have nothing but to call someone "retarded"?

A Billion dollar company?

I must have missed that somewhere. Please get your facts straight and try to not be offensive in your language.



The company did the same thing to me! We have proof, obviously, bank statements, etc., and you are so rude, you call someone "retarded"?

And, you work for this company? I rest my case!


Taking money from your account after you cancelled would be theft. If you think a billion dollar company is going to risk federal charges over 70 bucks...

Your pretty retarded.

There are over 800,000 people who shop every month. If you can't wrap your head around it, go back to costco.


Melaleuca has made a real difference to me and my family, and obviously to others as well. Their Renew lotion is a godsend for dry skin. I have never had a problem with them.


I found more information at


24 hour fitness used to do this sort of thing. Until there was a class action suit and they settled.

I wonder if this happens to the 60% of people who sign up and don't renew.

Curious why you signed up. I looked at it and started wondering why anybody would pay twice as much for arguably better consumables to the tune of $600 per year ... I thought in consumer products premium quality meant may be 10% or 20% higher price.

How did they grow to how big they got. Too many suckers in america?


It's ironic that after you and I both wrote complaints about this company, 3 people wrote glowing reviews. Seems a little strange...I am going to continue my fight against this company, and it's not the money I was out, it's the fact that they took money out of my account AFTER they had accepted my cancellation form, because I sent that box back asap, and they would be calling me night and day if I didn't. Never heard of them before, wish I didn't now!


Could not agree more with this review, such a scam.

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