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My husband is usually smarter than this, but he got suckered into signing up as a Preferred Customer and as an Independent Marketing Executive for Melaleuca last night. When he got home, I researched the company, read all the fine print on the paperwork, and drafted a cancellation letter. The morning, he canceled his debit card at the bank and I put the cancellation letter to Melaleuca in the US Mail via Express Mail. He is going to call the enroller today to let her know that he is cancelling. The debit card had not yet been charged as of this morning when we went to the bank, so I do not anticipate any problem with unwanted charges.

However, *I* am the fine print reader in our family. My husband's first language is not English, and he is prone to overlook details. He had no idea that he was signing up to have $52.99 + shipping and tax deducted automatically from his business checking account every month, whether there is money in the account or not, and whether or not he wants or needs to purchase 35 points worth of Melaleuca products that month. He had no idea that he was risking a $33 overdraft charge every month that his bank balance drops below $60 on the day of the automatic debit.

He thought he would be earning real dollars when he made purchases, not "shopping dollars" that amount to credits against future *additional* purchases, above and beyond the monthly minimums. He thought this even when I specifically asked him if he would be earning money or credits.

He did understand the idea of making $1000 per additional member that he signs up, and that there is a one-time $29 enrollment fee associated with that. He could think of a handful of friends to pitch the products to, but didn't think beyond the first month or two, and that the only way to get people to come to these pitches is to mislead them about the purpose of the meeting, and only hit them with the real purpose after they are already there - such as happened to him on this occasion, as it has on so many previous occasions with other products and services. The reason he experiences it so often is because, like spam, as low as the success rate may be at converting someone brought under false pretenses into a buyer, it's higher than telling them up front that you'd like to invite them to a sales presentation.

He thought he could try the products once and then cancel. Based on the high-pressure sales tactics he was subjected to at the sales presentation, and the number of people who report problems with cancellation, and the dependence upon one's enroller to actually complete the cancellation process (from what I have read here, if you follow the process outlined on the web site, you can *suspend* your "Preferred Customer" privileges, but doing so does NOT cancel your relationship with Melaleuca; that requires action on the part of your enroller), and the inability to view the cancellation form until you actually have an online account, and the terms of the cancellation as outlined in the fine print of the contracts, I conclude that cancellation is unlikely to be trouble-free. I've dealt with canceling a health club membership before, and it can be done, but it takes a lot of time and energy to escape without losing an extra month's worth of fees above and beyond the extra month that the contract spells out.

Fortunately, per the California Department of Consumer Affairs web site, in California we have a three-day grace period in which my husband does not have to jump through hoops to cancel his agreements. The Customer Membership falls under the category of Discount Buying Services, and the Independent Marketing Executive falls under the category of Seller-Assisted Marketing Plans. All he has to do is notify Melaleuca at the address they give on the contract paperwork, in writing. He does not have to do so by the 25th of the month if he is mailing the cancellation within three days of signing the paperwork.

My husband is NOT a sales person. He is an artist. He is very personable, but very impressionable and likes to please others. He would hate being one of those people luring marks to sales presentations and trying to persuade them to sign up. He doesn't even know if he likes the Melaleuca products or not, he's just assuming he will because that's what the sales people told him. He knows he would hate being one of those people who waste his time bringing him to sales presentations under the pretense of being interested in his art or in promoting his art, or under the pretense that this was somehow related to the staff meeting for employees where he has a part-time job.

He knew he had reservations at the time of the presentation, and voiced them there. He told them that I am the one who buys personal care products and cleaning products, not he. He told them that he wanted to discuss this with me before making a decision, because it affects both of us, and he told them that he didn't think I would go for it (he knows me well). He was encouraged to sign up in secret, and not tell me about it. He was told he only had 10 minutes to make up his mind. He figured he could just do what they wanted, and then cancel later.

Fortunately, the State of California has consumer protection laws that allow us to do that, but we have canceled the debit card as well, just in case.


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For the original poster - regardless of the 3 days to rescind, the company has a policy where you can cancel within a certain amount of time from initial enrollment and get your full enrollment fee refunded and you can also return the products for a full refund. You just need to download the form and fax it to the corporate offices.

If you want, I can look up the information for you about the enrollment fee refund.


Melaleuca is just a manufacturing company; you can decide to do your monthly shopping with them either online or by phone. If you don't like it then you don't have to buy from them.

What is so difficult about understanding that?

It is not difficult to cancel your membership. You just need to have half a brain and print out the form, sign it and fax or mail it in.

Why do people waste their time trashing a perfectly reputable company? Isn't there more important things to do?


I'm sorry that you didn't contact the enroller and speak to them yourself to get all the information. Who knows, you may have been sold on the company if you had seen the presentation yourself.

As a Marketing Executive myself, I would prefer to show Melaleuca to a couple together so there is no objection by the absent spouse after the has actually happened to me before. This is not the fault of the company, however; it sounds like a case of miscommunication.

BTW...I think your husband may have misunderstood the potential earnings part.

I would never tell anyone that they would make $1000 per new enrollee!! This could potentially happen over time, but it's unrealistic to present it that way.


ok first of all u all take showers...i hope. u all brush ur teeth....u all wash clothes...u all clean ur house...wash ur hair etc......if u are not already spending 60 bucks a month...ur not cleaning something!...or ur sopping at the dollar store for products and filling you bodies and homes with chemicals!!! yeahhhh tht money is worth spending huh!


To Rebeccah:

Please don't let the "pro-mela's" bother you. The same thing happened to me.

I said that I needed to talk to my daughter to see if we could do this together at a so-called presentation on the 23rd of the month at 3:00 pm. The entroller/presenter put my info through on the 25th, so he could get his money, and then disappeared off the face of the earth. I also looked at the prices of the products and thought there was no way I would spend that amount of money each month. The problem is that Melaleuca should keep track of who the enrollers are that have the most complaints and let them go.

There's too many people on here with complaints, so it's not that uncommon to have an enroller who doesn't explain every detail.

The "pro-mela's" troll this site for anti-mela comments, as is evident on comments made on posts that were written months and months ago. I wish you all the best and am sorry you are going through this.


Chris, it's great that you are able to make some money doing this. It's not a matter of "all's he had to do was switch stores for certain products that you were spending the 52 dollars on anyways," though. We don't spend $52.99 + shipping + tax monthly on any items I'd be interested in purchasing from Melaleuca.

We don't take vitamins or supplements as a rule, and I don't use cosmetics. My expenditures on cleaning supplies don't come anywhere near $50/mo. There are a couple of items in the catalog that look interesting, but not interesting enough to commit to a monthly purchase.

My objections remain:

1. Lack of clarity regarding the purpose of the meeting my husband was invited to

2. Pushiness of the representatives - belittling my husband's objections to joining (as you are doing, BTW), belittling him for wanting to discuss it with his wife, delivering a now or never ultimatum; and continuing with the same theme of putting down our relationship after he told the enroller that he was quitting

3. Enrollment materials that state that an official cancellation form is required to cancel membership (even during the three days immediately signing up), and then not making that form available (no membership number given at signup = no ability to go online and download the cancellation form)

4. Holding the signup meeting on the 24th of the month, which I think was no accident at all, so that if someone were to decide a week after signing up rather than within the first three days, they would be obliged by the contract to purchase something the first month anyway.

I do not put blame 100% on the company. A big chunk goes on the specific enroller, and a chunk goes to my husband, as well. But the company is not blameless; its CEO chose the business model that it uses, and that business model is one that rewards people who take advantage of people like my husband.


yes thats your husbands fault ive been marketing this brand for over 4yrs and people love it Im at a residual income of over 5K and all's he had to do was switch stores for certain products that you were spending the 52 dollars on anyways. Failure


I am also a melalecua MKT person. My enroller never ever pressured me to do anything period.


I've been involved with the company for 5 months and have made $78.00.

Not making more money is MY FAULT. Like everything in LIFE something worth while takes WORK. You get out of it what you put IN TO IT.

The products sell themselves. You have to take the time and sell the products.


That doesn't sound like the companies fault. That's your husbands fault.

Miscommunication and misunderstanding. He assumed too much. You can't blast the company for his lack of understanding. One man....

over a billion happy customers....

and the billion has a problem. Not!!!!


The CEO is a dinasour when it comes to using the internet to market Melaleuca and is also paranoid about distributors making false claims about earnings or about benefits of the products which may end up with claims against Melaleuca, even though the claims would not be made by the company but by independent distributors.


does anyone know how to get a website started with melaleuca? i think the products are great so i signed up. like anything elce in this world you'll get out of it what you put into it.


Could very well have been her Husband didnt understand. She said English is his second language.

Everything is spelled out completely on the video used for the presentation. I for one think it is great that Melaleuca is giving multi-level marketing a good name.

There really is nothing wrong with the concept, just a bunch of crooks out there stealing from people and calling it multi-level marketing. These people would be crooks no matter what type of business they are in.


Good for you for looking at the contract, It sounds like he was trying to use this as a money making venture but I want you to know I love the products but don't love the fact You Have To Make A Purchase Each Month, if you don't they will automatically ship a pre-designed package unless you set a preference of items for the auto shipment. you could also FAX the cancellation request. Hope this helps someone


I was with Melaleuca for over a year, and love their products and miss them a lot, but with money being tight, some had to go. If you only have to spend 52,99 a month now, that's pretty good, I had to spend $100.

I have say though, I cancelled 5 years ago, and there is still bottles of this stuff at my moms! I found it was a little overkill on what you had to buy, how can you possibly use it all up? As for getting people to join, that was really really tough.

It is was easy as pie to make the appointments, getting them to answer the phone again for you, good luck!

But the products are fantastic, probably the best I ever used. If I could buy only when I needed it, I would join again in a heartbeat.


I was a Melaleuca customer for years, but I moved to a country where we don't have it. Now i miss them, the best products ever. Totally worth the money and wish they were here


I've been with Melaleuca for 4 months and can't say enough good things about them. Most of the other comments address yours and your husbands misunderstanding of the company and how it works.

But I wanted to also point out that you mentioned english was not your husbands first language. Maybe he didn't understand fully what he was doing but was too embarressed to say so. It is possible that the enroller wasn't well informed but most of the things you metioned are wrong about the company and there were several things that you mentioned that had nothing to do with the company.

These things are your problems and personal preferences. They have nothing to do with what the company did to you.


I haven't experienced any wrong doings by anyone on my team at Melaleuca. My enroller showed me two webcasts and I still took two weeks to decide before agreeing to sign up. I used to work through Amway, but they're system is ridiculous. I hated it. Their products aren't even all concentrated or organic like Melaleuca's.

My enroller was always there to listen to me about any concerns. I love my team. They are very supportive and helpful. Melaleuca does provide training through DVDS and books that you get when you sign up.

There may be a lot of pushy people out there who are doing this for the wrong reasons. I am not someone who can be pushy about things that people don't want or NEED. Hints why I left Amway.

Melaleuca sells products that we all buy on a regular basis through our local grocery stores. Except these products are much better for you, your children, your pets, and the environment! If you've had a bad experience with someone through Melaleuca, I'm so sorry, but I strongly encourage you to find out more about the products. If you're interested in them, search until you find someone who isn't pressuring you just to join. You CAN buy the products without paying for the membership. You just don't get the products at a discounted price.

Please let me know if you have any questions about it. You can email me at-


If u guys want a real work from home company check out & It's easy to cancel if you don't like it, but I'm sure that you will love it!!!


i had just te opposite experience when i joined Melaleuca. I guess it does depend on your enroller but mine could not have been more helpful and informative.

The PRODUCTS are sensIf ational. They are highly researched and developed before being manufactured.

The quality is beyond reproach.If someone is more comfortable with Walmart quality vitamins and products there should be no pressure. HOWEVER if you wany top notch quality at an economical price...i HIGHLY recommend Enrolling in MELALEUCA.


im a recently singled mommy with a new little one. Needing income i tried work from home jobs and somehow landed on this site all about "work from home moms".

next thing you know some lady is calling me. it reminded me of pre paid legal and primerica. she said if i dont like it i can cancel with no loss. i signed up like a dummy.

now i cant find the cancel button. their products are much costlier than expected. Walmart! Clearance!

Hello! im frugile, but i have to be, im on a budget and its just me now.