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The products may indeed be good, however, I do not have the time or the luxury of spending hours selecting the products. I also don't have the time to evaluate whether or not I'm meeting the minimum number of points you MUST total in order to meet the quota.

If you don't buy the minimum points, which amount to about $63 or so, then they send you the backup order that you originally signed up for, whether you need the products or not. Simply put, you could end up spending well over $100 per month on stuff you may or may not need. When I tried to cancel my membership through their website, it would not work. I spent so much time trying to cancel, I could hardly believe it!

I had a friend try it from her computer and it wouldn't work for her either! They make it really difficult to get out once you're in. Why is this necessary? If it's so great, why don't they just make it easy to leave?

Reminds me of a communist, repressive regime!

Also, the owners are very wealthy right wing Mormon individuals who have opposed the right of people to marry who they want and live how they want. They want to take away our civil rights instead of expanding them.

They are for intolerance, instead of tolerance. They have spent millions on these un-American activities and I will not contribute to increasing their wealth!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Maybe read your contract that you are signing and you will know what you're getting into. It's your own fault for signing up without reading.

I don't feel bad for you at all. Ya, and the whole Mormon comment is irrelevant.

If we had a Mormon right now as President of the United States we wouldn't be in as bad of debt as we are now. Instead we have to continue working our *** of to pay for idiotic people like you that continue to gouge the Welfare system for things that they shouldn't be allowed to sign up for in the first place.


I agree that the products are good, But I do have to admit that the minimum requirement is not cool, if the products are so great, Melaluca should be confident enough to not have a minimum requirement to move their product.


How does Melaleuca force you to do anything? Did someone put a gun to your head and force you to be a member?

If you can't cancel online then pick up a phone man!

And, the reason they're sending you your backup order is because YOU HAVE A BACKUP ORDER. All that time you're spending online trying to cancel your membership and you didn't notice that you could make changes to your account and remove the automatic backup order?


:? What do you mean hard to get out of?

They have everything planned out to a tee. You make your order by the end of the month of what you are running out of. Which is not hard to do considering they have over 360 products and growing. :roll Now as for getting out.

and not gettinga back up order you only have to cancel your membership before the 25th of the month. Not hard :zzz Then If you want the automatic order you can set it for whatever you choose and you will know exactly what the cost will be. Average for minimum monthly order is 60-70 dollars or 15-17 dollars per week. Who spends that on cleaning supplies, vitamins, laundry, beauty, and much more?

EVERYONE! Just SWITCH some of your shopping and ENJOY.

Melaleuca takes extremely great care of their customers, that is if you call them and give them the chance. :x


This is true, you simply suspend your account if you don't feel you will be able to afford it. It doesn't take long to order and you get exceptional products.

You do not want to get your back up order because you lose out on valuable loyalty dollars, so order before the end of the month.


pissedoff does not entitle you to mis- represent.

the company manufactures over 400 products-- so you are not spending $50 on cleaning supplies.

refunds are never a problem unless paperwork is not properly submitted.

many account reps will take your unwanted products or return them themselves to avoid any bad feelings.

Nothing is for everyone but over one million happy customers says something....that is certainly more than voted for Obama...isn't it!


Any company that supports the LDS church is garbage!


I signed up with Melaleuca in September 1991. The products are exceptional with 100% money back guarantee, even the $29 Enrollment Kit charge.

The compensation plan is amazing.

I have made thousands of dollars in commissions, bonuses, car allowance. Why would I pay retail when I can pay wholesale without leaving my house.


***...if thats your criteria...then where do you shop?


I signed up as a Melaleuca customer in 1996. I have remained a customer because I love, love, love the products.

They are everything they claim and more and considering the length of time I've been with the company I think I'm pretty qualified to give an informed opinion. When you buy a Melaleuca membership you agree to simply switch stores and purchase a minimum amount of products every month. I have NEVER had any trouble meeting the requirement.

Why would I buy my cleaning, health, personal use products anywhere else? It's the best stuff for the best price!


It makes me wonder what all the complaints are all about concerning committing to spend $60.00 at Melaleuca, when they are committed to buy that much somewhere else or they start to stink!! hahahaha

Truth is, my family spends 200.00 to 300.00 at Walmart monthly on this kind of stuff, so for me to switch stores and commit to spend $60.00 a month, is no biggie, If I don't care to continue, I suspend my account.

simple. :)

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