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Melaleuca has absolutely no reason to take "member" money and give it to a policitcal campaign.

Melaleuca makes a hefty profit by selling products to "members" - people who commit to buying products every month. They claim to pass on savings because of customer loyalty. And, there is supposed to be a commission to the sponser (the person who gets you to sign up as a "member.")

They have great cleaning products .... BUT Melaleuca's ONE MILLION DOLLAR conttribution to the super pac supporting Romney is the same as the company speaking for their membership. How sad- they should have redistributed that money back from where it came - the membership and sponsors.

And .... how does a company with "healthy dog products" feel about Romney, who admitted to boxing his dog in an airtight kennel (without ventilation) on the top of a car - driving over 60 MPH from Boston to Canada???

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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Nothing was misrepresented; did they ever say that the company or individuals within the company would or would not make political contributions? No.

Not a penny was stolen and you know it.

I'm pretty sure that there are both Republicans and Democrats who work for this company and make political contributions. You can boycott them if you want, but you're not going to find a company with more than a few employees that has only Democrats in it.

I'm not boycotting or only shopping at union shops. I don't care what people do with their own money and I'll leave it up to the owners to figure out how they spend it toward what's best for the company.


This is just a crazy rant. I don't know what the company has to do with a donation to any political person. You are mixing things in your head for sure.


@ Suzanne - look up the meaing of "Bigot". Just because someone has views that YOU don;t agree with it does not make them a bigot. The converse is true that you being intolerant of that person's views makes you a bigot.


Hey I didn't know, I think I'm going to join now!


I love the melaleuca products but their customer service is terrible when you want to stop using them. I only wanted to suspend membership during family emergency and ended up feelig like the guy on the other end of the phone thought I was a congenital *** for not neing computer savvy.

Im learning how to use one now and do not plan on saying anything nice about that company.21 st century here I come or actially late twentieth.

. .


Please The money that was donated to Romney was NOT taken from any of the membership of Melaleuca The money that was donated came from the pocket of the Company CEO and His own money Please don't believe this junk People have no clue what they are talking about. If you like the product use the products what does it mater who someone want to vote for The money he gave was his not yours



While I may not agree with the Company's support of the radical Republican political agenda, it is privately owned and NOT a publicly held company. Members are not share-holders and have no ownership or policy making power other than suggestions and advice.

If this political activity bothers members, they are free to withdraw their membership, but the Company is not "stealing" from them; they continue to receive all payments that are due to them under their current membership agreement.

The Company is exercising its legal right to spend the privately owned Company profits on politicians rather than members if it chooses to do so. Time will tell whether this is a wise thing to do.


Yea but union left of money is a ok


I appreciate this review. I had no idea that they were stealing from "members" and giving to the rich b#$%^&^%


I heard about this on Rachel Maddow last night. I've been a member of this company since 2007.

I will be canceling today! I'm sad to have to do it because I love their soaps but I can not support a company when it's CEO is a homophobic bigot and uses MY membership $$ to support this bigotry.


I saw that they also give to anti-LGBT campaigns. I cancelled my membership after 10 days and told them why. folks might want to look into them before joining.

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