Auburndale, Florida

I tried thos face wash that my sister gave me from melaleuca and i must say that it is possibly the worst facewash ive ever used. Face wash is supposed to clear your skin not create more problems.

Ive NEVER had a problem with acne. And ever since i started using this face wash my face not only gets this breakout rash all over my face but i also have raging angry pimples all over the bottom of my face. Its getting worse and worse. Ive never had more than one or maybe two big pimples at one time, i have about four or five right now.

It makes me so upset yo see that on my face. I will bot be ordering from this company in the future. Im glad i got samples before i actually tried it. I have very sensitive skin so when my sister tried explaining all of this to me i got excited to try it.

Yeah no way. Im glad i dodged that bullet. The only thing ive tried that i like is their face powder and tgeir chapstick. Their foundation sucks and their beauty line is just poor.

The foundation was blotchy and very difficult to blend. I was very disappointed because my sister raved about this stuff and it seemed to be a good deal.

Melaleuca sucks. Point blank.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Ive been using their face wash for a month now, and I love it. Their 5 step acne clearing process has really helped my breaks outs!


Again, I looked at the products and may not be able to use salicylic acid. Talk to a dermatologist, something like Proactive original formula using benzoyl peroxide may work better.

Now, saying a company sucks because you tried one or two things in a specific product line is wrong and untruthful. Saying the product you tried sucked would be a bit more accurate.


The OP never said the company sucked. All she said was the products she tried sucked.

So... Good thing she was accurate and not wrong and untruthful.

I assume you are commending her for doing exactly what you said she should. ???


Huh, I guess she did say they sucked. But she did try numerous products, so she has a right to say the company sucks.


You are entitled to your opinion and I'm sorry you feel this way but to say Melaueca sucks after using just one product is quite ignorant, they have over 400 products and to base your opinion on one is unfair and then unjustified just because ONE product didn't meet tour standards. Not everyone will like all the products ☺


As I stated in the other comment here... OP NEVER said Melaleuca sucks, just the product he/she tried.

I would say it is justified to use a product you don't like and choose not to continue buying from that brand. Not only justified, but logical.


So, she did say they suck. But she didn't try just one product, she stated she tried numerous. So I stand by my statement, even if I obviously didn't read the entire post the first time.


Please understand that because a product did not work on you doesn't means it does not works for someone else. I do not believe in insulting a company because their product did not work on me, all it means that is not for me but I am happy that it works for others and that I need to keep searching.

BTW, I have never try their products nor do I sale their products. I am just doing some research on products.

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