Joined about a month ago. Should have done more thorough research on the products/company.

Some of the products were reviewed on goodguide.com and the average was 4.2 out of 10.

Everything is very expensive & then the shipping costs just make it worse. I don't like the mandatory minimum monthly purhase either.

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Just looked up goodguide.com and there are no Melaleuca products anywhere on that site. Very Interesting!


You don't have to purchase every month if you sign up people. Thier PV points well be added into your PV.

So let's say you sign up 10 people all 10 people buy from meleluca you made your PV for the month. Or you can do what I do sell the products and make profit


It is against Melaleuca's business policies for any independent marketing executive or any other third party to sell or re-sell Melaleuca, Inc. products.

Listings on Amazon, BuyCheaper.com Ebay and other sites are highly illegal and Melaleuca's legal department are in dispute with these organizations ongoing. Again, it is against the law to sell Melaleuca products.