I've been shopping with Melaleuca for over 5 years now and my wife and I love the products. I've read several of the reviews on this site and I think some people either do not understand how to get the most out of shopping here or, as some people have said, were never told of benefits in shopping here.

Now, I do not use EVERY product Melaleuca makes, they compete with many drug store products with better safer ingredients. For example, I never use Tylenol, so I do not buy Melaleuca's acetaminophen product. Yes, it cost way less than Tylenol, but that's not something I would use in my home. However, millions of people do use Tylenol, so I'm happy they have a better option for those folks. I could list several other items as an exmple like this.

My point it this, people every day walk into a store, but they are not buying EVERY product the store offers, only the ones they like. If the store sells bleach, does that mean that every other product the store sells could be toxic? No. Wholefoods is a store that sells more organic and natural products and is growing fast. At the same time, many of their products are not that safe AND they are certainly not that affordable. Does that stop people from shopping there? No, they are one of the fastest growing natural stores in the US today.

Now, Melaleuca is also a store (onlione) that offers a safer and I would say, more affordable option for people that want high quality without the high price tag. I would NEVER claim that every product made my Melaleuca is THE SAFEST in the world. I would say, for the money you pay, you won't find a better product in any other store.

The products I use, I love and I've done extensive research on the ingredient base and have found they do not scrimp when it comes to high quality ingredients. One example, their multi-vitamin is simply the best in the world and they are the only company that has two patents on a multi-vitamin to prove it. Asd for the cost, WAY less than so many others that have NO science to prove if the product is at all effective. It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee which is based on how you feel. I noticed a difference in the first 3 weeks, my energy levels jumped and I felt like I did in my 20's (now I'm 50).

As for people talking about how they could not cancel their membership benefits, it is so simple, I can't imagine how you can screw this up.... But people seem to make things more complicated.

So, for everyone who wants to CANCEL their Melaleuca membership, please do, here's the hidden secret key that is so hard to understand: Call their toll free number, ask for a suspension form to be emailed to you. Fill it out, PUT YOUR SIGNATURE ON IT, email or fax it back any time during the calendar month and your account is suspended (cancelled) that month. DONE.

OR, fax, email or mail in a letter saying "SUSPEND MY MEMBERSHIP", with you name and phone number and signature and DONE. Is that so hard to understand? You do not need a reason to cancel, they just want to ensure they have your signature on file to avoid any fraud.

Why do they ask for a written suspension form? If they allowed people to cancel their membership over the phone, anyone could call in and claim to be you and cancel people's accounts. For me, if someone somehow cancelled my account, I lose out on a huge amount of income and other benefits so I'm glad they ask for a signature on file to protect me and the company from fraud.

One last point, people ask why Melaleuca offers a discount to people who shop each month? It's simple, Melaleuca is the only Just-In-Time manufacturer in the consumer goods

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The written cancellation is in compliance with consumer rights protection regulations...so it is unlawful for Melaleuca not to require written cancellation requirement regarding the services provided and the products used.

It's not because of an "evil account canceller". Conversely, it takes verifiable personal information to enroll in the first place so as no one could fraudulently purchase items under a false identity.

Even though you find it hard to believe, someone out there wants part of the 1.2Billion a year in sales and 3.6 Billion in commissions that have been paid....and some want to do it fraudulently. They see our legitimate sales numbers and figure they can do it better.

With Melalueca being in the top 100 e-commerce sites in the world, dishonest people always want to find a way to get in on the action. So beware of the "evil account cancellers"...lol


Omg, you are hilarious! Why would anyone want to cancel someone's account?!!

That's ridiculous. Thank you so much Melaleuca folks for protecting me from some evil account canceller who wants to cancel my account for no reason whatsoever but to prevent me from using there fantastic products and making money! Was this actually happening so frequently that a safeguard had to be put in place to protect us naive retards-oops, I mean, melaleuca clientele- rather than umm, I dunno, make it more difficult for someone to cancel.

Makes sense. Wait, is this Christian?

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