Pocatello, Idaho

I am a melaleuca employee at the call center, and i just wanted to let people know how horrible they treat us over there, they just force us to tell people lies, and then when customer wanted to cxl, we just have to keep with more lies, also they treaten on us saying if we dont do what they want we will be fired, also we are not allow to give up much info to the customer, basicly i work for this company but since i know more than 60% of the employees work there for the simple fact that there isnt jobs in the area, this company is a scam, they just try to ripped peoples money, be carefull before getting involved with them. I hope this will help you ! honestly, Melaleuca Employee !

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I doubt it if this person is a Melaleuka employee for the fact 'CANT SPELL' !!!


It sounds like "Anonymous" may work for a call center that has been out sourced to Mexico. Only going by the way she writes.

However, I'm going on what I need, not what some "pissed off" employee thinks.

You will always have one or more like this in any company. Good Luck with your product selling.


All the times that I have spoken to a Customer service rep, they are helpful, informative and speak very good english. Sure can tell this was written by an angry, malicious person.


Almost my entire extended family and I are happy Melaleuca customers. We have many friends that are extremely happy corporate employees with the company. We all save a few bucks and better safer products..stuff we were buying all the time anyway.

Definitely a scam.


Its sad that some people have to stoop so low. I think you are right 'I don't buy it' and this person is from another company.

I have been a customer for 3 months and love the products.

The customer service people are lovely and very helpful. Why would they have to tell lies when the products are amazing!


I too believe that this was written falsely. Just look at the grammar. The reputation speaks for it's self. The awards over the years, and yes, best place to work award is in there too.

I can't understand how people can fly off the handle and say such bad things about a company that does so much good for people. I have been a customer for 4 years, and never been lied to and could not be happier with what they have done for me and my loved ones.

What a shock it would be to find out that the "Employee" is from another company trying to trash it's competition. You know the one I mean (M^#).

Melaleuca does not need to stoop so low. Here the truth is good enough. And the truth is, there is nothing better out there than Melaleuca!


I almost wonder if you are in another country and you have no knowledge of Melaleuca. I dont believe this or you.

They've been around for 25 years!!! You're a joke.

I love Melaleuca. Been with them for almost 3 years.

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