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My experience with Melaleuca... One time membership fee = lie.

I was charged an $11 fee every month for a subscription renewal. They still circulate old videos that claim you'll spend $50-60 a month, my bill was never under $90! ANYONE can operate a succesfull Melaleuca business = LIE. I'm not incompetent, I worked very hard, and simply ended up out money and discouraged.

Unless your an Exceptional salesperson and don't mind signing up people to a company that is incredibly high priced, inconvenient and would be more of a bother then benefit, I wouldn't sign up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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This one is not a liar. He was charged for the "My Melaleuca" service.

You simply subscribe for free and, after a long couple of month, Melaleuca begin to charge you 11.44 CAD each month. I know, they did the same with me. I called them in june 2012 and they continue to charge, even if the one at the phone told me that they stop the service.

Now, they tell me that they "tried" to give me a credit for the last 160 days. This is what I called a dishonest behavior.


Just for the record : I finally get repaid , after a long conversation and some days later.


I have been a Melaleuca customer for 4 years; my family for 13 years. There IS a membership fee and it is $29.00 a YEAR for the 1st year, and $12 for every year after (or $1 a month). NOT $11 a month. If you purchase 35 product points, it is about $55-$60 a month and you have to pay shipping. Keep in mind you pay shipping on the products in the grocery store - more than once! It is just built into the product and you pay for it over and over.

Bottom line is you will find people out there that will complain about everything because it didn't work for them. Here is that person. If they are charging you $11 a month... call Melaleuca. They will refund you your money. Stop *** about it and do something.

We are part of a successful team of business partners and Melaleuca is NOT built on lies. We have nothing to hide and better, SAFER products.


Mormons see non-Mormons as dogs, so they don't care about dogs. Get my point.


Some people have problems with everything. Here's one.


Person who said they charged $11 subscription, well thats a lie, there is none ???

Trena, everyone thats a customer is very aware that they will be charged for their back up order each month, if you sent them back their products I am sure they would refund.

If you had sent products to someone and they kept them would you be annoyed, send them back.

whoever signed you up as a customer has to make you aware that the products you order come every month, did they ??

If you cancelled an order you have to send back their products and the honour the guarantee.

Just thought I let you know


Not a lie! I have been getting renewal fee charges twice a month!

I have no idea what it is from...

It used to be billed to my credit card so it went under the radar, but now that I have it coming out of my bank acct I have noticed it and was just researching to see what others said it could be in case there was something I missed in the terms agreement. I will be calling Melaleuca today.


I tried on several different occassions to cancel my order from Melaleuca and they still debit my account they say if I send them back the merchandise that I told them not to send since Aug. 02 then they will refund my account it is now Sept 06 and I have another charge from this company and it is totally unacceptable I know its not much money but its mine and if I cancelled an order I don't expect my account to be debited over and over again and on top of that they are still sending me stuff that I didn't even order I am a very pissed off customer and would like all my money back plus my shipping cost to send back stuff that I never ordered


This person clearly is lying. Melaleuca is $29 for the first year and not a penny more as it has been for over the last 15 years.


I'm not sure who signed you up for melaleuca, but it sounds like you should be mad at them for not supporting you or being honest. I've been a melaleuca customer for 2 years now and have never paid more than $65 for my 35 customer points per month.

I have also never paid an $11 a month fee....perhaps you didn't realize you don't have to sign up for the online access to educational materials. I love the products and am just now starting to think about making it a business. Sorry you had such a bad experience...seems like the company is not to blame, though... perhaps the person who educated you on it.

Sorry. :sigh

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