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Melaleuca is a fraud. They claim to have chemical free products but if you check the ingredients on the products you will see that most, if not all of their products are filled with chemicals.

They don't even post the ingredients for the Access energy bars. I can't imagine what's actually in them. Why would a company that promotes chemical free products have flouride toothpaste?

When flouride is one of the most toxic chemicals out there. I can go on as far as the chemical content in their products but flouride is the only word I can actually pronounce.

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What is the problem? The water that we drink now has fluoride. .so stop drinking water


People just like to complain about something...fabulous company and products!

just call their product knowledge department!


I am very happy with melaleuca.

I have not have any problems with the products by the way, flouride is used in many toothpastes.


(Health and Beauty) I had heard nothing but ellnxceet things about this manufactured goods, thus I picked some up to give it a try. My goal: to whiten' my adjoin teeth, which have appeared darker in recent being, as aging and more frequent coffee drinks have taken their toll.

I took a photo of my teeth on day 1, and expected to be able to post a day 10 picture with fantastic results. Well, I took the photos and frankly, I can't see a difference so I didn't post them. It could be my lack of skill as a photographer, but really, to the naked eye, not much change. What I can say is that I like the fresh mint flavor of this paste.

After brushing my teeth feel smoother, like they've been polished, but without the gritty filtrate you get after a dental hygenist does it. I've been brushing with Crest Vivid for 10 days, 3 times a day and have not noticed any gum irritation (I'm prone to it and cannot use the whitening strips because of it ) or tooth sensitivity. While I do reckon this paste helps eliminate some surface stains via a mild abrasive, it's not a miracle cure that will whiten your teeth quickly. Maybe in a month or two I'll notice more of a change?

I will certainly update this review when and if I do, but for now, suffice to say I plot on long-lasting to use Crest Vivid as my daily fluoride toothpaste because it makes my breath fresh and my mouth feel ellnxceet not because of its whitening properties. NOTE: This package is 4 tubes of Crest Vivid, and offers the best deal (price-wise) on Amazon. 2/22/10: I continue to use this manufactured goods, which has now been repackaged as Crest 3D White.

I still like how it makes me teeth/mouth feel, and I've not noticed any stains accumulating on my teeth, but no appreciable lightening or whitening has occurred with continued use. I do recommend it for maintaining a whitened smile but!


Melaleuca offers both types of toothpaste: one without fluoride and one with fluoride.

As most people know, fluoride in toothpast has been shown to reduce cavities.


well said Nancy!!


Anything you put in or on your body, is absorbed into your body. It does not have to be orally consumed to affect your health.


You're absolutely right Michelle Ft. Wayne Indiana.

Flouride is a mineral. A toxic mineral. Technically it's a biproduct of copper, aluminum and iron which was used as an insecticide and rat poison before deemed a cavity fighter ( that's actually a fact ). Bottom line.

Considering Melaleuca is coming from a "wellness" "toxic free" position. The majority of their products should be chemical/toxic free, not the other way around.

A flouride toothpaste shouldn't even be an option from a company claiming to be chemical and toxin free. Do your research people, you'll be surprised of what you may find.


Well, you might want to check your facts first. For one thing, fluoride isnt a chemical, its a mineral naturally found in water( until its processed and filtered out), fish and other things we consume.

You have to have it to bind other minerals into your teeth and form your teeth as a child before they even erupt. Reguardless, unless youre eating the toothpaste its not going to hurt, only help.


I've been a happy customer since 2005, there have been a few products I did not like, but only a few. That happens with anything, Walmart, K-mart, grocery store etc.

I think the products are superior to all on the market, and if you follow instructions such as shampoo, and cleaning products they definitely last longer. For those complaints of allergic reactions---I would have to say that is possible. Anything in nature is possible for a person to have an allergic reaction to. Hope you are seeing a doctor.

But the products to have less checmials (if any) that you can find out there in the open market.

Just walk down the laundry isle in your grocery store---if you think those scents are natural, then you haven't spent any time in nature. Good Company-sorry to find all these complaints.


My son also broke out with hives with every product he tried. I purchased a career pack but the person I was under had one so mine was shipped to her instead of me and I can't return anything!

So now I'm stuck with over half of a career pack and cant do anything with it so I'm out 200 dollars! I have since canceled everything!

This is insaine I faxed pictures of my son's hives to them and they still will not do anything because I don't have the reciept because the marketing executive has it!!!! I will never do business with them again.


I tried the Renew lotion and body wash, as well as the scent free laundry detergent. I am breaking out ALL OVER my body!

So much for all the "natural" ingredients!

I only feel bad for my sister who is trying to sell the products. Not HAPPY!


I've had good luck with detergent and lotion(helps with psoriasis). I wouldn't touch the fluoride toothpaste, there is so much we get passively in the environment and there are too many good alternatives w/o fluoride.


Every ingredient in the Access Bar is listed on the box. Not on the wrapper.

As far as the answer to your other questions, you can call Melaleuca's product information line to get the answers. As far as the toothpaste, I just choose to use the toothpaste with no flouride.

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