Snellville, Georgia

I truly wanted to love this company but after reading some of the ingredients I found things like mineral oil, petroleum (triple antibiotic), talc (deodorant), carrageenan (access bars), autolyzed yeast extract (cheese crackers). I was so disappointed that a company that prides itself on helping families remove toxins from their home would produce products containing these ingredients.

So many people trust Melaluca whole heartedly.... :(

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Melaleuca... You will need to start offering USDA Certified Organic products.

In food and where possible all other products. Currently many competitors offer "better safer" products than Melaleuca does. At one time Melaleuca products were better and safer. Now, not so.

Why top product experts at Melaleuca don't see this, well I'm sure they see all, but why they don't step up and Really make better safer products is troublesome. As a current M customer I hope they step up soon or I will cancel along with my customers.


See this here:

"As with magnesium stearate and soy lecithin, carrageenan has been frequently portrayed as significantly more harmful than is supported by available evidence. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a known carcinogen, and although some studies implicate carrageenan in ulceration and inflammation, some show no adverse effects."

Some people get so worked up about inconclusive results...


Is this really true?


yes so many people like myself trusted they are also cruelty free. I am disgusted to find out they are not and they do test on animals dogs and rats.

Is cruel and senseless to do so.

They are better companies out there. .

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