I have tried to explain to the customer service that I couldn't afford to purchase products twice in the time ive been a preferred customer they don't care this company's all about the money. The person who signed me up made it all sound so good and she promised me so many things and she would help me get people and she didn't help me with anything but getting signed up.

Apparently it's all about the money with her to and she was someone I grew up with. I LOVE THE PRODUCTS but not their customer service or how they don't seem to care about the little guys.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

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I'm sorry this customer had a bad experience but she was probably just told by customer service that they were just abiding by the agreement that she made when she opened her shopping account because they probably sent her a back up order if she didn't shop in the month that she committed to on her enrollment form. Melaleuca is an exclusive shopping group with a different business model that allows their customers to get higher quality products at lower prices in exchange for customer loyalty each month. I have been a customer for over 10

Years and have experienced and hearts nothing but good about their customer service


Backup order? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Hey, I've got 10 CDs for a penny for you, (just make sure you mail back that card every month...)


It's easy to cancel anytime you like. Did you ask them for a cancellation form?