I too opened a home business selling Melaleuca products. I was praised to high heaven by my uplines, told what potential I had.....the usual. I invested in office supplies, printer, headphones for phone and computer, files, storage boxes, etc.

I had a successful first month, mainly because my friends and family wanted to support me. Made Director. SO exciting!

It was all downhill after that. A mistake with my 2nd paycheck, a downline who was sent his order, plus a back-up order charged to his credit card at full price (a mistake I was told, but I lost him as my customer), 2 monthly subscriptions required before I could access my account online, oh, and the little matter of points! Nobody told me that once I made Director I would then be required to purchase 75points worth of products (@$200+) instead of 35.The reason? "Directors need to try ALL of the products, so they therefore need to BUY more".Be warned, it's not a part-time job and it takes a lot more of your money then you are told plus 4 years before you begin to reap the rewards.

Your uplines are absolutely not there for you unless you are reeling in customers (go figure).

The only person who was ever able to help was Michael Hatch, Business Development, (208) 522-**** for those of you having problems. I'm so relieved to be OUT. On reflection, Melaleuca is not about helping others, they're about helping themselves. They remind me of a cult.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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This is absurd! It's obvious that you're not entrepreneurs.

Any business owner knows that to build a business takes a little bit of money and a lot of hard work. The rewards aren't immediate but are great when the effort is there.

Go work for a BOSS if you're not willing to put in the effort. No one ever said success was easy!


Abortion is Murder. How can anyone wish that on anyone else?


In fairness, I would say that Melaleuca is a Great company . I can not thank the company well enough for producing eco friendly products.

I have been a customer for almost 2 years now and I am happy with the products I am using.One thing I like with this company is that they were green long before green was popular. Thank you Melaleuca!


you must not know how to read labels because they're not green and as safe as they state they are


As of last month, the increase from 35 to 70 once you achieve director level was removed. (btw original poster, it was never 75 as you stated) Directors now are only obligated to purchase 35 points as when they signed up.

Your experience with YOUR support team is not indicative of all support teams. We don't use the term "upline" because we are different from the MLM companies that use that phrase. My support team is very helpful, and I even receive much assistance from other Melaleuca business builders that have ZERO interest in my sales because we aren't linked in any way.

I think you have had a bad experience, clearly, but to state that ALL of the company operates that way is a. harsh, b. speaking from an underinformed position, and c. wrong.

I wish you luck in your next venture.


I am a person looking to get started in the program. It looks like the company has alot of great products that i normally use anyways for a better vallue than I get at a store and I love their way of advertising and could see how they manage to offer such great deals on their products.

I've been to their website and then I looked for all negative comments on the company.

I found that all the complainners are not really unhappy with the products but instead with themselves for not really reading and or understanding the contract they signed. So really they should be upset with themselves and not the company, but however it's always easier to blame others for ones istakes.


First of all from most of the complaints that I have read the majority is a lack of the enroller informing the enrollee of what they need to know. Which includes the increase to 75 points once you reach director.

BUT Melaleuca is going to cut you a check for a minimum of $120 to pay for those so are you complaining because your products are basically FREE?? Also as someone else mentioned READ YOUR MEMBERSHIP AND BUSINESS BOOK WHICH COMES IN YOUR PACKET. Your lack of knowledge is not Melaleucas fault. As far as cancelling your membership, do you call sending a letter to Melaleuca by the 25th of month difficult??

Once again its in your packet. I find that most people like to blame and find fault and mostly it is because of their own ignorance or lack of the enroller doing their part. I have been a satsified customer with Melaleuca since March of 2009 and am very happy with the results I see from using their products.

Am I rich yet? Absolutely not but I do have a peace of mind knowing my home is using safer products and I am helping others do the same.


If Melaleuca is a cult, I sure am glad I'm involved!!


People need to lay off of the "pyramid" hating. Every business I can think of is a pyramid. Go to a store and buy a product. First off, most of the value of that product goes to advertising which adds absolutely nothing to the product. Then the checker gets his cut, his manager gets a cut, and his boss gets a cut.....on up the line to the corporate office. How is that any better than Melaleuca?

When I buy a product from Melaleuca, I I personally have three good friends above me that make money.

It seems that almost every complaint I hear about Melaleuca is a result of someone not understanding what they were getting into.

That could be the result of a few bad apples giving presentations, but it shouldn't be held against Melaleuca in general. And ultimately it is the responsibilty of the individual to know what you are signing up for when signing a contract.

For the record, I joined Melaleuca and used their products for five years before I even started buiding my business. I couldn't be happier. And on a side note, it is not a get rich quick scheme. If you want to make money, you have to work for it. I think that a lot of people expect it to be easy money and when it's not, they get pissed and call it a scam.


I just got a call from my grandmother who is 75 saying that some lady gave her all of the melaleuca info and signed her up for a $1. You guys are total idiots if you think this is a good business. There are no marketing principles that are being followed. Not everyone is an *sshole but most are. They tell people what they want to hear to sign them up. If this was an ethical practice, the kits would be given for free, and it wouldn't be so *** hard to cancel. The products might be great, but try giving samples so that people can know what they are getting into. One of you idiots said that you don't start selling the products right after you join, but you should tell that to all the freaks out there trying to sign up gullible nice people. Air force lady, your *ss was never offered not federal jobs, and if you were and you turned them down, this really is a cult. Do you know the freakin definition of cult rejecto that helps people out of cults????? There are people conning innocent old ladies out there like my grandmother into getting their credit card info without telling them there will be monthly charges AND asking them for numbers to their friends and families! What the heck. Do you know that times are bad and people are going to make it worst by LYING to other people and not having a HEART.

Sorry but my grandmother is the most beautiful person in the world and I hate that people ABUSE of otherS>

This is not the end of me. Melaleuca is in for a big one. And rejectos... Stop saying we're uneducated!!! We are looking into it just as much as you and know that they are a scam. Plus Gilgio, there are button on the keyboard for periods and commas. Uneducated rejectos!!!


Valerie, my upline was not good support and I left to rejoin in another 6 months under a different group. What upline business are you associated with?


Sure seems like a CULT.

I can't believe how you *** attack your own if they disagree with you or have a complaint.

I am not involved with this company but have a friend who is and I have seen changes to her personality that are for the worse and now reading how you are all attacking the original poster truly disgusts me.

You are all a bunch of *** for attacking this sincere albeit unsatisfied member.

Go cry yourselfs a river *** :cry


I've been a customer for 6 months and the products are hands down the best in the world. Sounds like most of the comments are running into problems with their uplines, not the company or products.

I am not in the business side of this company, i just buy the products.

this is 50-100 dollars a month that i am already spending at walmarts, targets, grocery stores, etc.... I'm just switching stores.


I’m troubled by the word “work” that has been used here. You are not building, creating or even providing useful information.

You simply talking people into something that they may regret later on, but who cares as long as you building your pyramid and getting commissions, who cares what it is as long as you make money. That's some “work”!


My wife and I minister to and help people escape cults and I am highly offended you would use the word cult to try and add credibility to your lies.

We are Director 2s and you can easily do 75 points for about $100, (Not $200 plus as you accuse) and then as a Director the company gives you a minimum pay out of at least $120 a month just for being a Director.

In review, you drop the word cult because you have no true substance in your claims and then you flat out lie about how much you need to spend by doubling that number.

I'm glad for people who do posts this outlandish because it proves to anyone with a rational mind that you are at best sadly misinformed and at worst a cold liar.



What are you basing your suggestions--get a real job, quit being a follower? A real job will never set you free--I had a real job in the United States Air Force for 20+ years, and yes, I lead, but I also had a Boss to follow orders and my Boss had a Boss who also had a Boss, etc. (see my point?)

I recommend you read and educate yourself before you give advise. Go to Melaleuca's official website to get the official info that you need to know, you will be bless, too: www.melaleuca.com. If you don't educate yourself, then you will never know that you don't know what you don't know!


First of all, when you open a Melaleuca business, you should not be selling any products. Customers shop direct, by phone or online. That's why Melaleuca is called the Consumer Direct Marketing!

Second, there's no extra expense in buying products from Melaleuca to do the business. You are already using/consuming these products whether you're just a customer or also doing the business. You're simply buying what you need to use on a monthly basis. My family and I use over 300 product points every single month.

We're a typical family, we eat breakfast (using Melaleuca cereal or bars), we snack (FiberWise Bars or Attain Bars--with patented crave-blocking), we exercise (use Access Drink or bar--the only fat-conversion bar for energy in the world), sustain sports drink for hydration (hey, double the electrolites with only 2 grams of sugar), Protein Shakes or Bars after exercise, we shower, bath, brush our teeth, laundry, wash dishes, take our supplements, take care of our dog - yes, Melaleuca has supplements for dogs, too. I also pamper myself with all the Nicole Miller make-up line, anti-aging cream and Bath & Body products. We also clean our home, floor, bathrooms, windows, furniture, even our cars. You begin to see my points that while I'm listing everything I mentioned above, I'm using all Melaleuca products. And I'm using these products everyday, by the time I get up and just before I go to bed. These are necessity products. So, where can you find a business that you can take your monthly necessity expense as a business expense? Think about it? It's the smartest and makes total sense concept. You're going to use this products anyway, why not get tax advantage from it? What planet can you find a business where you can use your monthly necessity product expenses as a business expense? If you don't do a business, you are still going to buy these products so you can brush your teeth, eat breakfast, wash your clothes, etc.

Last, I've been a Melaleuca customer since 2003 and I've been bless with these products since. I got rid of all my medications from lupus and fibromyalgia and my son is completely drug-free from asthma and hypertension.

You are doing yourself disservice by not educating yourself about Melaleuca and how to build the business. Read and listen to your entire business kit, that's worth more than a million, if you know how to use that opportunity!

Just FYI...I've been a customer with Melaleuca since 2003 and I am now just starting to build my Melaleuca business. I retired from the Air Force in 2005 and I turned down two great federal jobs offer because I know that someday, I have the Melaleuca opportunity.


Pyramid, scam, get a real job. Is anyone educated besides the owners.

get out. Read and educate yourselves.

Quit being followers! :x


First and foremost this is my name second you as a customer or part timer to full timer have the opportunity to work at your own pace, as for the people who call this a scheme the cry babies of the world that did not or do not work anything the correct way, who cares go cry in the corner or and it's OK to suck your thumb, any way you got the same material that I got if you took about 1 hour of time you would have noticed that it has everything as to how and what you should be doing to get started and how you get paid ALL Twenty Something Ways you get PAID. Know as to your up line you as an individual should be aware that you also probably have a phone that I would suspect works could call them anytime to get help, and they are usually very helpful but can not take you by the hand and do you job, like calling on people and contacting people that you know, as to the products they stand on what they do and how they can help people and the very delicate environment by using a non chemical base so if you need help start asking yourself how can I be part of my own success and stop blaming everyone else, remember if you are in any sport don't blame the coach for missing the hoop, or missing the ball and never ever try to be a golfer, you would probably blame everything because the ball won't go in the hole so if you raelly want to do good get off your complaining and start helping people one at a time, I have and my up line has helped but so do I of course I am a handy capped person so maybe that is why I stopped sucking my thumb waiting for anybody to blame. So good luck and don't give up on yourself one day you will look back and you will see how much time you wasted.

A Melaleuca guy for 40 days


That comment can happen with any company. Your upline was at fault, don't blame the company because your upline did not give you the information. Blame them.

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