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Never give Melalecua your credit card information...They will keep debiting your credit card even after you have canceled. I have nothing but a negative experience with after i tried to cancel.

I told them verbal to cancel and I have sent them an email as well . They refuse to cancel!!

I had to cancel my credit card in order for them to stop!! After talking to a decsion maker they still said were going to keep shipping to even if we don't have your credit card number .This is a company you don't want to deal with .

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Por favor cancelar mi membresía porque a veces no tengo dinero para hacer mis 35 puntos por mes


Melaleuca will absolutely not take out money after you cancel...I think you are rearranging the story here. They will charge you for a backup order if you do not place your order by the end of the month- you have the entire month to order. If not, they'll charge and send you a BU order to keep your account current.

If you HAND WRITE a letter to them stating why you would like to cancel, your full name and account phone number, they will cancel you immediately and you will never hear from them again, unless you have some type of outstanding balance for a non-payment.

I don't want to be rude, but if you took the time to read your membership agreement then you would know all of this. They are very willing to work with you and I've had a person or two on my team who had to cancel and they faxed it in to the company- they were cancelled within 10 minutes. It's too bad you had a bad experience with this company because they are fantastic!


How about cancelling the way it states on your customer agreement instead of saying that Melaleuca is a bad company....I have been just a customer for over 6 husband has his own account before we got married and we cancelled his for writing as stated...and as you would also have been told when you call problems at all...great company great products...changed my son's life


Your problem is that you cannot cancel by phone or by email. It has to be a written or typed letter bearing your original signature.

You can mail it or fax it. It clearly states this on their website and customer service can inform you of this as well.


ilike :)


I had been a customer of Melaleuca for a few years and they deducted from my checking. I had no problems with them andI love their products.

I had to back out a couple of times because of me being laid off. If you cancel before the 25th of each month, you should not be getting charged no matter how you paid for your products each month.

If they send you the products, send them back, and they will give you a refund and your shipping back. The credits will be done separately.

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