Huntsville, Alabama

I like the products but after researching them more I am finding more chemicals in the products making them look more like J&J. One to note is Tetrasodium.

In hand wash and aluminum in deodorant. And also why all the food color dyes...

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It's the year 2019 and they the still and put All of the ingredients on their labels.


Why don't you call product development and ask them why this, why that instead of coming here?


I did a "water test" on sei bella night firming treatment today to see whether it has Ester Whetstone and the answer is POSITIVE, the cream was floating on the water.

However Sei Bella Daytime Delivery Creme SPF15 tested Negative, the cream sunk into the bottom of the glass.


What the heck is Ester Whetstone??? And why is it bad? I googled it and got nothing....


They have a special formulated aluminum in the antipersperent because you can't get antiperspirent without, but for those that don't want it they have an herbal deodorant without. You can call product development and talk it them about any of these said ingredients and they will give you the additional information to make a more informed opinion.

Also, they continue to improve for instance the new solugaurd hand wash as an antibacterial instead of just triclosan. They choose to do research and make founded decisions on what they use or not for the products, not just based of a circulating article.


5% active ingredients listed on the label of Sol-U-Guard cleaner concentrate. 95% non-active, not on the label. Othe companies disclose 100% of their ingredients.


Yes there's aluminum. There's a patent to keep your body from absorbing it. There are processes that you should become familiar with on many products.


I concur.

"All natural and good for the environment?"

The overall idea and products are good but several products have caused me to have a little doubt about the company and it's products.

I will add the Propylene Glycol to your list and the overpricing of many things.


When I was introduced to Melaleuca in the early2000's it was a well promoted product of "naturalness" and eco friendly. Now the products have too many chemicals.

I will keep up my year of obligation, because there are a few good products still. However, the health food kick stuff is overpriced.


Health food kick(?) stuff???? what's that??

Overpriced?? don't know what you're talking about. I was introduced to the company in the 2000's also and ECO friendly is what they are. Chemicals?

What CHEMICALS? Have you talked with product development about your concerns? Probably not, easier to come here and make a scene. Year of obligation?

what's that? you're saying things that don't exist in the company, which makes me believe you're just a complainer from another company trying to make a great company look bad.


Read the labels and try to get a list of any of the non-active ingredients that they hide.

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