Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The customer service is terrible. They shipped two boxes to my PO box instead of my physical address.

They didn't credit my credit card and instead sent me "certificates" that they also charged me for. They charged me for over 200.00 for merchandise I didn't receive. Then they repeatedly called and sent me emails stating that I owed them money.

I have been told they will keep calling until I pay them for a certificate I didn't order or use. They took zero responsibility for sending my orders out incorrectly and "fixed" it by charging me more money and not giving me my items.

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I believe you are FULL OF CRAP and are making stuff up . We don't do, nor have we EVER done certificates.

Customer service is top rate, but then again it depends on your attitude when talking to them. Charged 200 bucks for items you didn't receive? If they went to your post office box, maybe someone helped themselves? I know they can prove what went where and you can track the shipment too.

They send you an email of tracking your shipment with each order...and then you can track with UPS and they'll tell you exactly where it was dropped off, who signed for it and so forth. Sounds like YOU didn't do your homework.

Nice try,. but we're better than that.


My monthly melaleuca order comes to my PO box. It is an agreement UPS has with the postal service.

When I lived in the country, UPS would deliver. Since I have moved into town, it all comes to my PO Box.


First of all, has anyone EVER heard of shipping anything to a PO box????? Leads me to believe this review was written by a Melaleuca competitor.


I have things shipped to my PO Box all the time to ensure the package is not taken off my doorstep before I get home. It's much safer that way.


As a happy customer for over 13 years, this is simply not believable. I had an order that didn't arrive within the expected time so when I called they tracked it and said they're showing it had been delivered but they couldn't tell where it had been delivered.

However, since I had not received it they reshipped the order at no charge.

Both the original order AND the reship arrived the same day and when I called to let them know to charge me again, they refused to charge me. I've had similar things happen to me and my customers for over 13 years so I find the above scenario totally unbelievable.


I have been a customer since May of 2007 so that's 7 years of being a loyal customer. I love the products and the couple of issues I've had customer services have bent backwards to help so extremely satisfied with their customer service and products.

So give them a try yourself and if not satisfies you can cancel at any time.


I have had good service from the company. I accidentally placed the same order twice.

I called the toll-free number and she was able to delete the duplicate order immediately. The operators are very helpful and nice. I also had what I thought was a incorrect charge on one bill. When I called I found it was for an order that was automatically shipped when I missed ordering one month.

The charge on the invoice was delayed so the date of the bill did not match when the month the product was shipped for.

I did get the product but didn't connect the charge in my mind. If anything, sometimes the dates on the invoice are not as clear as they should be but a phone call was all it took to get an immediate answer.


I find this difficult to believe, Melaleuca customer service bends over backwards to ensure their customers are satisfied. However, if what you say is true, did you issue a chargeback through your credit card company? If you paid for something, and did not receive it, your credit card company will investigate, and issue you a refund if your allegation is true.


I agree


this is not true, probably a competitor's comment

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