THIS IS JUST NOT MY YEAR - 2nd Ripped Off Complaint (What is this world coming to?)

I woke up this morning and pulled up my husbands checking account to find a pending transaction of $63.24 from Melaleuca. I have been a member of Melaleuca for 5 years now with a small downline. Knowing I had not placed a order nor had my husband, I began researching to find the charge was for a person in my downline. Her backup order shipped and her form of payment was declined so my husbands card was charged.

How does this happen? Well some time ago my downline was having rough times and I agreed to help her cover her points so I place a order for what I needed and used my husbands card online. Click the box to "not save form of payment" and you think your safe. Well with online orders, forms of payments are saved.

I called Melaleuca thinking this could be resolved but guess what. THEY HAVE THEIR MONEY AND CAN CARE LESS ABOUT ANYONE ELSE!!! This was pretty clear after going from Order Department to Customer Service and then to a Manager and having him tell me "we can not reverse the charge to a debit card, you are going to have to contact the downline and have her send you the money". I COULD NOT BELIEVE THIS WAS REAL, so I continued to argue that Melaleuca had not right to charge the card for something not initiated by this household but from them and their backup order program. The Supervisor went on to say there is nothing that could be done and argued with me the rules of ordering online - WHICH IS BULL_ _ _ _. I continued to demand he send me a check and take up collections with the customer not me the upline.

I know there is something so illegal about this so anyone with any help or info of what to do next please let me know.

Damage Resulting = Financial Loss of $. I nor my husband should be forced to pay for a downlines backup order and then forced to collect from them. Melaleuca had no authorization to the debit card that they had on file for a one time used in the past. My downline I am hoping is refusing the order and it will be returned, but how can I really know for someone who lives 3 states away.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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It is technically against policy to pay for an order for someone else. That's what you get for violating the policy in the first place.


It is technically against policy to pay for an order for someone else. That's what you get for violating the policy in the first place.


I know this potential problem convinced me NOT to sign up. Thank you for the information!


wow, interesting to see the attack on the poster over an issue that upset he. It really shouldn't matter to you either way what her comments are if your really happy with melaleuca yourself.

In fact it almost sounds like some of you feel threatened by her comments. It doesn't matter why she would use her card to help a downline out, it doesn't change the fact that Melaleuca did something entirely illegal when they thought it ok to use anothers card for someone elses monthly obligations.Granted it does sound like some need to read the fine print better, but my god people some of you need to read the law better if you for a minute think that was ok for them to do, wow.


i have had a similar situation where someone I enrolled credit card eventually expired, but before that on one occasion when they hit a rough spot I had payed for an order for them until they got on their feet and repaid me cash. I had also told the service agent that this card was a one time payment also and was told that was no problem.

To my amazement months later when this guys card expired they sent him a back up order and debited my card. I called in upset and was told that it could not be reversed even though I had requested it being a one time payment, but seeing as his account had no valid payment method they charged mine which was on file. Angry and pissed yes, didn't get any results from all the calling so now I tell potential enrollee's the whole truth. I advise them not to do it.

I do love the products and will continue to use them as they do solve a problem in my home, but have accepted the fact as with all things there are flaws. So Melaleuca is not perfect or the perfect company, but they do have some good. I enjoy also the commission ck they send me every month and don't complain then, so it's give and take.

I did get the enrollee to get a new card, or be cancelled. Thats business.


Here are my questions...

Why you would enter a credit card for someone else's order in the first place?

Why didn't your customer place an order and avoid the back up order entirely?

Why didn't the person when you told them what happened simply agree to pay you back as you clearly did them a favor.

Why on earth would you come here and write this post where innocent people by the hundreds now could potentially be confused about how Melaleuca really works? your future Directors, Sr Drs and Ex Drs could be reading this right now and telling you they are not interested all because you got upset over $63.24.

I hop you feel like it was worth it.


Why would you ever use your credit card to buy products for someone else? I'm sure they will help you sort it out and I would certainly get in touch with the person that got the product on your dime. If you knew them enough to charge product for her/him you certainly shouldn't feel bad asking them for your money back.


Maaaann I feel you. Same situation.


You nee to contact your credit card company and explain to them that Melaleuca did not have authorization to charge your card. I have worked for credit card companys in the past, and I know that by law they have to investagate and reverse the charges! Good luck!!

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