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I hope this helps , but easiest way to cancel Melaleuca is cancel your credit or debit card, or put a block on it and then they can no longer access your account , for people who have extra money laying around im sure melalueca is great, but that wasnt the case in my situation.

Review about: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Melaleuca cancellation policy is easy. Simply download the form, make it out and send it in, In the BEGINNING of the month, not at the end or after you received your last back up that your mad at.

Do it before that date like before the 25th of the month. Actually do it in the first week of the next month and you'll be cancelled that month and no other orders will be shipped. MOST of you who whine and cry got caught not ordering your monthly so they shipped your back up order (that you conveniently forgot about) and are blubbering about that. Ship it back and ship a cancellation form with it.

MELALEUCA"S cancellation form. They'll cancel you.

If you owe them, they'll expect payment because you signed the enrollment form. So Pay them and cancel and you'll be cancelled!!

to rltorlai #1395710

Why do I need to download a form and send it? Wasn't required to sign up. Should be able to cancel simply online.

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #1280506

Nope that won't work. They will bring collection proceedings against you.

I didn't have a method of payment and they still sent me *** I didn't order. They are billing me and I have to pay to mail this *** back what a total shady scam......don't even log on if you do they got ya

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