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As Melaleuca makes it hard for you to find the cancellation form I will help you get to it.

sign in to your account,go help center,press membership,click general membership questions,click the first question, how do I suspend my prefer costumer benefits? you will get some statement on the side and you will find underlined suspend preferred benefits form, click it, press No proceed to suspend benefits form under the coupon offer, press NO proceed to cancellation form again,press No Thanks again and finally down load the form lol

hope it helps

Have a nice day!;)

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Monetary Loss: $98.

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Hola mi nombre es Cenorina Guadarrama solo para cancelar mi cuenta *** melaleuca por problemas económicos # 73135496


I am so Happy I could help those who are looking for a away out of Melaleuca



Thank you so much I spent almost an hour looking for this form earlier.


Thank you. It was impossible to locate that on their website.

I was not impressed with the products and I feel as if the sales rep lied to me. My box arrived and the "all natural" ingredients that she was talking about read: "sodium trideceth sulfate, coca midopropyl betaine, PEG-80 sorbitan laurate, etc." I researched the individual chemicals and yes, they are safer than what you can find in a store but that is such a vague statement. Of course there are worse things in the store, but there are also better. And when I called the customer help line, the woman said, "we don't claim to use all natural products or organic products." Which is find, I would rather purchase organic things at my local New Seasons for the same price.

I don't know how they can say that their products are cheaper than the store, they are really pricey. It is just not for me.


Well definitely sounds like a scam. Any company that makes it nearly impossible to cancel is just that a scam.

People on here that state otherwise are a scam as well. I just signed up 2 days ago and they immediately send me a backup order after I told them I don't want to order until the 10th and now they say they can't cancel anything.

Hmmm, sounds like scam, looks like a scam then it is definitely a scam period! Don't lie about it all the people on here that say it isn't...yeah *** right my ***!

joan d

People who are talking nonsense about not being able to cancel their Melaleuca membership are either outright lying or a bit slow, all you do is fax a piece of paper with your name, phone# and signature saying "I cancel" Done and Done. I have sent this fax myself, my account was instantly cancelled, I then came back the next month when I went to the store and realized I was now spending much more at the grocery for chemicals that did not work anywhere as well as my Melaleuca products, I went beck and have now been a loyal customer for 2 years.

As a single mom I appreciate the money I save and the health of my family and the environment. Some of the things I have read here from other people are out and out lies, I suspect they may in fact be written by MLM lurkers who are jealous of the fact that we do not operate as an MLM (Multi Level Marketing and our sales are a Billion dollars a year without hurting anyone or causing people to lose thousands of dollars on whatever magic juice or gadget they have schemed up this week.


Thank you!!!


Thanks so much for sharing and for your research! Certainly simplified my life!

Kind of like a cult, easy to get in...not so easy to get out! :x


l would like to cancel my account with malaleuca


Thank you!! Its thoughtful posts like these that are so helpful to us consumers.


Wow, I would have NEVER found that...haha. Thanks!

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