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Hey There Everyone so I fell into the melaleuca trap.... They tell you it won't be hard and you only have to get 8 good customers that will shop and save and buy our exclusive products.

They say for you to start with friends and family, and they will love what they buy. So now you have to tell people how awesome the company is and how $29.00 for a year membership is great and its only about 35 points a month min. which is about 50-60 dollars a month. Then they tell you that now the money will start to roll in.

LOL HA.. Wow this would be true but when your customers don't order one month and 4 people get backup orders, your money was just cut in half. Then they tell you to keep on top of your customers... Really and more on top of them and I would smother my friends and family!!

So as you could guess I have found a solution to the problem I Quit and found a more reliable source of income with a bigger and better online direct marketing company. They have helped me get back on my feet and back out talking to people about real sales and we even have 4,000 plus retailers and earn real cash back on our purcheses take a look for your self..

See you on the other side!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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Problem is you gave up on the people and you’re inexperienced looking for a get rich quick Overnight


Just keep your comments to yourself. Its no ones fault you aint up to par:)


Well, I am sad to say that the person who posted this has made a serious mistake. Instead of looking at Melaleuca and complaining about the check you should weigh it by its products.

They are safer for your home and economically better. Also, you can't just tell someone, sign them up and think thats it. No you coach them into being better customers who want to make a difference. I try to see them all as Possible Directors and train them so if they chose 2 or 3 category.

You should have thought more than to assume Multi level Marketing was better. Dumb Mistake.


How many Millionaires in Melaleuca?

MA has over 400 in 20 years and growing!


Fraudulently earned, like robbing a bank. You scammers!


Melaleuca is not a "JOB" where you go into an office or store and do your time expecting a paycheck from your employer every week. It's a "BUSINESS" and what business does not have a product or service and customers?

With Market America how are you going to get customers?

Wouldn't you be extending that information to your friends and family first as well and making sure your customers are satisfied?????? Appartently your Melalecua rep misguided you!


How about the ethical aspect of the company... To some people, myself included, Melaleuca is appealing because it offers non-toxic and environmentally friendly products.

Not solely for the money! Do the right thing, learn some patience, and stop complaining!


Melaleuca is simple "Just change Store"


What a scam you have going , You are just trying to get people too sign up with you and do this by cutting down a a+ BBB company that actually works. Did you sell this Plan to your friends and family also?


You just can't sell and now you try to draw off affiliates with scare tactics. Man do you Suck.


I can tell from your post you've never tried to start your own business before. Did you think they were going to just hand you money?

Building any business takes work. Luckily in Melaleuca all you have to do is refer them. Melaleuca has made it easy.

You don't have to carry inventory, you just sign them up and let them order from Melaleuca directly. Then you earn a commission off of every point they order.


Right, and with Market America you need $700.00 to start as opposed to $29.00 with Melaleuca. With Market America, you have to have a right and left leg that has to produce 1200 BV points BTW at the same time or the points don't matter....PLEASE!!

Been there done that, NO THANKS. Tell JD and Lauren I said hello!!!


I guess that's back in 2011. The rules are way more friendly and do not require you to get 1200 points at the same time for your right and left legs.

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