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I was recently at an event where Malaleuca had reps for their company. They had samples of lotions and other items, including bug spray.

They also claimed these items were all natural, when indeed they were not. The lotions were made with ingredients derived from petroleum, mineral oil (horrible for the skin), and other harmful additives, some of which I could not pronounce, obviously a far cry from all natural. Malaleuca should be more active in training their representatives, especially for their skin care products, thence they be liable for misrepresentation and potential skin conditions that may occur from use of their products.

All natural means raw materials derived from the Earth's eco-life, not three beneficial ingredients which are then overcast with a number of questionable ingredients. ------ Pissed consumer tired of being misled by big business.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Honestly this bug spray doesn’t work very well. I’ve applied 3x the amount I would have with most sprays and it’s still not effective against mosquitos.


What's this got to do with bug spray? I have a bottle here it is called Natural Bug Spray.

this is a Deet-free, dermatologist-tested insect repellent that uses the power of essential oils to keep bugs at bay. It is 99% effective against mosquitoes and ticks.

I use this product and the first time I went outside with it on, the black flies wanted nothing to do with me, mosquitos stayed away and no ticks were found on my pants. GREAT PRODUCT.


Personally, we loved the bug spray.

Nice smell, many mosquitoes flocked around us but no bikes whatsoever!

Will purchase if we can find it in the brochure!

Happy being mosquito free xx


I had a reaction to the products and did not believe they were natural. Many years ago they seemed much better.

Whatever they used in their vitamins made me very sick. I tried the women's performance pack and I noticed everything tasted fishy, which seemed like an unnecessary overload of cod liver or fish oil...

I am just disappointed in the products and reps all around.


Then you obviously did not do your research. Mineral oil is a derivative of petroleum and is harmful to the skin.

Petrolatum another ingredient I remember seeing on these lotion products is also petroleum derived. These products are not phthalate or paraben free. You are preaching to the wrong person about ingredient pronunciation for reasons I will not involve here. If you want to continue using harsh ingredients on your skin that is your choice.

Most commercial products mask skin issues, they don't heal them and others make skin problems worse because of chemical ingredients, false advertising and misrepresentation. True natural skin care is what I choose as our organs absorb 60% of what we put on it.

Using commercial products long term is horrible for not just your skin, but your inside as well. Good luck.


Just because you can't pronounce an ingredient's name doesn't mean it isn't naturally derived. Having said that, not everything natural is safe and not everything synthetic is harmful.

I have been a customer for 26 yrs, I have done my homework and, no, I am NOT paid a dime in compensation from Melaleuca. I simply have come to the conclusion that they are world class products.


Yes, I compared ingredients, and agree with a few beneficial ingredients along with along with 20 other garbage ingredients.


I had a variety of skin issues which wouldn't heal until I began using Melaleuca products including the gold bar, Renew lotion and vitamins. I am happy to say, I feel fabulous, my skin issues have cleared up and I am happy to use the products and serving as a sales representative too.



guys are full of themselves. I have been a client for over 6 years. products are great.


It's "Melaleuca"


ooops, sorry didn't know the grammar police were here, and it would be nice if there was an editing feature, however, there is not. I suppose you will have to be aggravated by the misspell. My apologies.


I agree....Stay away from them!


Better stay away from all the products in the supermarket too!!! Do you have any idea how many children die every year from being poisoned by home cleaning products?


Vinegar with lemon or orange essential oils clean quite well :)

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