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I have read critism after critism of Melaleuca, but I myself am a very satisfied customer and business builder. There are only a few things I can account to the problems people have had.

First, it seems quite a few people simply didn't have a seasoned marketing executive presenting the opportunity to them, and sadly it ends up reflecting on Melaleuca. The company itself tries to control this by setting policies for the executives to work within. But you still get some people who just don't present the information well and either don't fully inform you or try to hustle you in. It's unfortunate but should not be a reflection of Melaleuca. But bottom line, if you enroll, you should know what you're signing up for if you sign the agreement, so you should be reading it and/or asking questions to make sure you know what you're agreeing to. If you don't, then it's your own fault.

Second, as far as canceling goes, I have read stories of people who have had trouble canceling, but I did not have a problem helping one of my customers cancel. I spoke with customer service myself, and they simply stressed to me that a lot of people send faxes in and assume it's taken care of, but if the fax is illegible, it may not be taken care of. I myself sent in a fax to them (not a cancellation), and received a confirmation back from them (they're faxes automatically call back with a return confirmation that shows an image of the fax they received), and I saw right away that my fax was illegible and I had to resend it. It's best to type it and send it because handwriting is more likely to be illegible. Or if you send a letter, send it certified mail or in some way that you can confirm it arrives. Then call and confirm your cancellation. You should know the terms of your membership in the first place and then confirm cancellation, not just assume because technology is not always our friend, or things get lost in the mail. I've had bill payments get lost in the mail.

Lastly, someone else astutely pointed out that the way to file complaints against businesses is with the Better Business Bureau, then they will investigate it and see if it's legitimate. All these stories on here and the internet are one-sided stories that haven't been investigated trying to make a company look bad. I'd like to know the other side of the story. Because the fact is, Melaleuca has over 500,000 customers, and you find maybe a hundred or so complaints online. So take that to mean that the VAST majority of their customers are satisfied customers. I'm sorry that anyone had a bad experience or is unhappy with the company, but that is not the norm. Plus, the Better Business Bureau awarded Melaleuca the Torch Award, which is given to companies with a superior example of ethics and integrity when dealing with customers, employees and the community. I'm sure they don't just hand that out to anyone.

So take what you read anywhere with a grain of salt and consider the other points of view. If you are interested in Melaleuca, I suggest fully acquainting yourself with the terms of membership first. Then embrace the products because there's a reason you're choosing them over other brands. If you don't like them, return them used or unused for a refund and cancel (and make sure you do it in the timeframe stated - 60 days for returns, 90 days if you take the vitality challenge, and 120 days for new members to get their membership refunded) It's that simple. I guarantee the majority will love the products and the company.

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In response to Don't Knock it Till...from Ohio, I don't understand why you are having so many problems. It's not next to impossible to cancel by any means.

I have helped many customers cancel for various reasons. Download the form from the FAQ on the website, and then fax it or mail it. That simple. I have never had anyone have a problem.

The only potential problem you can have is making sure you write dark enough and clear enough that the fax is legible. But you can followup with them to confirm. Of course, if you call they are going to try to talk you out of it. They don't want to lose customers.

But they don't prevent you from cancelling. They can't, however, do it over the phone. It's very clearly stated that you need to download the form and submit it so that they have your original signature confirming it.

I'm sorry to hear you are so ill. I hope things have gotten better for you since your post.


I have been a customer and a business builder since feb...and I have had some customers to suspend their preferred status without any issues! and as a Customer Rep I am very careful to make sure they comprehend how being a customer works......

Thank you for this positive practical look to rebutle the negative!!


I have and don't have a word about Melaleuca;

The prod. are ok, the cancellation it next to imposible.

I can't seem to leave because, though I've been diognosed by my doctors. They say I have a terminal illness. I called and tried to get my fax from Melaleuca, so that I could cansel out as a customer. They won't let ,me.

I don't want them to place a burden upon my husband.

Please tell me what to do to cancel out of the program. :?


We've been grateful Melaleuca customers for 19 years ..raising 5 daughters we know they grew up in a healthier environment we also have a few customers one cancelled her membership by downloading the form from Melaleuca faxed it back and she was cancelled ..I don't know if she called to confirm..this is simple to the exstreme 7yr old grandaughter could do this and she can tie her own shoes too ,,and she's cute..but I dygrss..thanks for all the great comments ...attitude is everything and humor helps too


beware... people who get defensive about these complaints make a lot of assumptions.

i have filed a complaint with the better business bureau as well. they make it REALLY hard to cancel. i have spoken to two supervisors already and suspended payment. they will continue to send me products even though i have already stopped payment.

i just hope they don't interfere with my credit score!

you should NOT have to cancel via certified mail. that is RIDICULOUS!


How can someone steal money from your account without your permission???I agree with the person that said, you just did understand the back order process. The products are great.


Well said Bootsie! In the almost 10 years of being a preferred customer (not a business builder), I've always ordered my products on time, so I never had the auto-ship sent to me, but I did understand that if I forgot to order in any one month, that my credit card would be charged for a 35 point order and my back-up order would be sent automatically. Everyone that complains about having money *stolen* from their bank account either had a terrible presenter or didn't read the contract.


I love that the products I use regularly...the cleaners and personal care products all cost less than the grocery store brands. At first glance, some of them seem like more money, but I actually did a price comparison and I update it regularly, and Melaleuca's prices really are cheaper than grocery store brands because they're concentrated and last longer.

And if they're cheaper than grocery store brands, then they're definitely cheaper than other natural/safer products that I don't 100% trust to be completely free of toxins either because a lot of them false advertise. I know I can trust Melaleuca's products and I love them! Then, the products that cost a little bit more...the vitamins, supplements and some other stuff are SO worth it! I really truly feel the difference in my body.

I feel healthier and I can't live without them. This month, I have purchased over 100 product points because we genuinely need everything. I literally only switched stores from the grocery store or Walmart.

I never need to use my backup order, but for those who say Melaleuca takes money out of their bank accounts...they're not switching stores and getting backup orders that they're being charged for and then they have to return them to get their money back, and they have to cancel properly. But everyone should love the products because they are that good and it's as simple as switching stores!


My sister got me into Melaleuca products and so far I am still testing them out. The vitamins are bar none the best I ever taken, you can tell you are actually absorbing them compared to Centrum and the other *** on the store shelves.

And I agree with Danielle I have never had Melaleuca just pull money out of my account. If you signed up then as a Preferred Customer whether under the 35pt or 75pt option you will then have to purchase every month that amount in order to keep your preferred status.

if you don't purchase then you will receive whatever you chose as your backup order. The only complaint I have is some of the products are a little over priced and as a preferred customer the shipping and handling should be free considering you are purchasing every month other wise so far I am satisfied with what I am getting.


I love the products. I love Melaleuca!!! This products works, no expenses and safe for the entere family........THANKS MELALEUCA!!!!!


Im am going to totally agree with bootsie. She said it best and I wont even try and add to it.

I will say that everyone has opinions. Look at movies. Ask your friends if they like a movie. The answer is probably going to be a few yes' and a few no's.

I went online to research VIDEO GAMES LOL. I looked into tiger woods golf and people were saying they hate it. Horrible game dont buy. Well, I LOVED it.

The point being is try it out. you never know. Ive been with Melaleuca for a little over a month. I got the value pack to check it out.

For arguments sake, I'll say there was 20 products. Well, I like 16 of them. Not a bad average. And thats with a company that has no idea what I shop for and like.

20 out of 16.

So now when I shop ill just get the stuff I like. The point here is that everyone has opinions.


LOL, don't know why it put a smiley face in the middle of the phone number for the BBB, but I'll try again. It's 208-523-9754.


Lieve Melaluki Along you guys, if you like it good for you if you don't good too. to each it's on. if you cancel call to confirm.


Mae, you're hilarious. How did they scam you?

I've been a customer of Melaleuca for over 5 years.

They don't do everythign perfect, but they' have amazing products! There was even a time when I canceled my membership and they were very helpful and made it very easy.

(my favorite is thier laundry detergent - amazing!!!)


I would just like to say that I joined Melaleuca and the products are great. For the people that have said that Melaleuca is stealing money from your account I would like to know what you mean. I'm thinking that you didn't understand the backup orders or you just didn't read your contract, but if you forgot to order Melaleuca will automatically withdrawl it from your account and send you your producs.



OMG Melaleuca sucks! I got scammed from these people! They were stealing money from my BANK ACCOUNT!


Where can you find that the Better Business Bureau awarded Melaleuca the Torch Award?



I LOVE Melaleuca! Fantastic products for cleaning your laundry, dishes and home WITHOUT all the harmful chemicals found in most detergents/cleaners.

Example, no phosphates or bleach in automatic dishwashing detergent. None in laundry cleaner either. MUCH better for our rivers, streams and lakes where our wastes inevitably end up. Not to mention how much safer these products are if you have children in the house.

And these products WORK, unlike the VERY expensive and ineffective other "safer" cleaners/detergents I have purchased in the past, like Seventh Generation. Melaleuca is only a rip-off to people who are too *** to understand how the products are sold.

They are concentrated, and actually a much better value than what you can buy at the grocery store. Please excuse any misspellings, I am in a hurry!

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