Parma, Idaho

Anyone who works for Melaleuca will certainly sign up a new member, although all of the employees don't give the correct info and will not tell the truth about being a customer or preferred member, the company states on every phone call that all the calls are monitered. but are they?

My answer would be NO, rhe company train there emplyees to lie, and the mistakes they make, well its not the emplyees fault they are working there because they need a job.

The same issued happened three different times, Melaleuca have wonderful. products. But I quit! They :have put thru a living ***.

just trying to get others signed up to purchase for the themselves. why would i want anyone to :have continual stress, like i have experienced.

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Have you considered reading your paperwork before bad mouthing the company??? When you sign the agreement, you are agreeing to everything.


No specifics, horrible grammar. I'm not buying it.