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Update by user Jun 24, 2014

The headline was not meant to be misleading. I did not even get to pick the headline because I had written the review under "simple review", and it did not give a place for a headline...

So I guess one was chosen for me. There weren't any racial comments made, just rude and inconsiderate.

I am disappointed with the title given to my comment. But my actual comment still stands.

Original review posted by user May 12, 2014

I was trying to decide whether or not I would join Melaleuca. Before doing so I wanted to find out the possible risks of doing so by seeing what others have been through with this company.

I understand every company has it's issues and that different circumstances can happen, as well as misunderstandings.

I will NOT be joining this company.

I am very health conscious, so the products were of great interest to me.

However I am truly disgusted with the responses that dissatisfied customers have received from the representatives of Melaleuca.

The rude, and absolutely inconsiderate comments that people have received on here, after expressing situations that have happened to them, has affirmed to me that the customer service people have complained about doesn't sound far from the truth.

It has not been the complaints that have been received that has turned me away. It has been the disrespectful bashing that people have demonstrated that has done this.

Thank you to all those who have shared your experiences. I'm sorry these things have happened, but I thank you kindly for the heads up.

I will find other products without the extra hassle.

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Why is the heading on this post "Review about Racial Comments in Walnut Creek, California"? The post mentions nothing about racial comments!

This leads me to believe that the poster, SAM2014, is actually trying to draw attention to their comment and make the company really look bad, when it's not even true! Where is there anything in this post about racial comments!

Hmmm, perhaps you are with some MLM and all your downline is leaving your MLM and joining Melaleuca! And now, they're actually making money, without having to sell a bunch of products and their enjoying healthy, "green', products!


I did not choose the headline for this post. It automatically chose it.

If I can change it I will. There was nothing racial about the comments I viewed. If I can not change it I will repost my concerns and make sure that I write my own headline.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I'm sorry it was misleading, I did not even see the headline until you pointed it out.


I have had nothing but great experiences from all the people in Melaleuca, very nice courteous people who are there to help and do a great job.


I am confused by your post after reading many of the posts and comments. The design of the company is to eliminate all risks for people who would like to both try the membership and the products.

As far as rude and inconsiderate people it is often difficult to show compassion and caring when writing responses. I know many people who are involved with Melaleuca both as a customer and business builders. The customers and builders alike are impressed by the level of customer service that Melaleuca has given them. About the risks.

If you decide to become a preferred customer and it is a decision you make then you are agreeing to purchase those items that you use on a monthly basis from Melaleuca. The idea is that Melaleuca provides healthier safer products at competitive prices and they are consumables (every day items that you need to clean your home,self and thing that help support a healthy lifestyle). If you decide at any time that you do not want to continue your preferred membership you can put your account on hold or cancel at anytime. If it is within 4 months of when you start the company will refund your membership.

The policy of the company is that you need to fill out a request form and fax it to them, up to the last hour of the last day of the month. As for receiving a back up order friends of mine who have not placed a order on any given month received e-mails from the company asking them what they would like to do and if they wanted to continue their membership they were given until 12p.m. on the first of the next month to place a order. Products have a no risk component as well.

If you do not like any given product you ordered you have 60days till empty to return the item. There have been many positive stories that I have heard in which the company credited their account without them sending the item back. I will acknowledge that there are representatives preferred customers who have chosen to be business builders that are continually learning and may not always present themselves in alignment with the company standards and policies, Melaleuca has taken many steps to make sure that training information is available to all the company promotes and champions for the customer and a positive experience. My experience has been that people who are health conscience appreciate the information and science behind our products as well as the 60 day guarantee.

Don't you find it interesting and questionable that all you see on this site are Avon ads. It always makes me wonder what the real motive is for the negative post.

I for one am a preferred customer with Melaleuca and it has been a good experience for me. I would like to say the same for all the retail stores I have purchased from locally but I can not.

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