Livingston, New Jersey

The basis of this company is to spread a healthier way of living through their products. They offer weight loss, healing, and safe housing and personal care products. We all know what diet products are, so I'm not going to elaborate on that, though I'm a big endorser of their protein products! They also have a product that cuts down on body chemicals after a workout that keeps soreness to a minimum.

The healing products are great; they have cartilage replacement products, acid control, products for the heart, cholesterol, excellent meal replacement products, vitamins, great products for children, multivitamins, colon cleansing, kidney and intestinal balancing, all types of stuff!

The personal care and household products begin with the concentrated laundry detergent and fabric softener. This is great because it doesn't have all the dangerous chemicals all of the other brands carry, it's all natural. Let me run it down, all of their products are all natural and contain Melaleuca oil, which is the base of all the products! Dish washing liquid, pure melaleuca oil, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, deodorant, cologne, perfume, bath oils and wash, soap, bubble bath, foot care products, candles, and a host of other products!

The soap is one of the best products to me, it's a heavy bar and lasts very long! It's smells wonderful and has a very smooth sort of silky feel to it! The Melaleuca oil, most know it as titri oil but more potent, is the namesake of the company. That's like miracle oil, it like the miracle healer or something! It's so potent it penetrates through the skin and gets deep inside the pores and into where needs to be to begin quick healing! It works very quick and healing begins immediately. Doesn't burn, though it's a strong medicine like smell, but it lasts a long time due to it dispenses in droplets and smears well!

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