Sykesville, Maryland
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They debt your account without sending products. I Cancell membership but still they debt my account.

I call several times. to fix the problem with no result. They start you off saying a $1 for membership, then start debting account every month. This has cause my account to have NSF fees.

I call severals time and handed to different people, none seem to want resolve the issues. They do not refund your money even when they say that they are going to.

This company lies, their product does do what it says it going to do and they take your money on top of it all. This company are thieves.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $233.

Preferred solution: Cancell membership and refund my money a.

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I believe you agreed in order to qualify for a purchase discount you must agree to a monthly shipment of products that could only be cancelled in writing addressed to the company headquarters and received by the 20th of the month.


I think you called the wrong company....


Has anyone else noticed that a lot of these negative comments are being done by people who clearly need to go back to school and work on their English??!! I am not trying to be rude but if you want anyone to take you seriously - TYPE ACCURATELY! It is debit not debt - although from the sounds of it, you probably have quite a bit of that second one.


Dear Laurasteiner9,

Your comment is very ignorant. It does not show respect of others right to express themselves.

You have no right to judge the way this person expresses him or herself. It is as if you are saying that Maleleuca should evaluate their customer´s ability to spell correctly before allowing them to be customers or members.


Were you not told that the order was coming out every month? I think if you are a serious business person then you should be dedicated to your business or referral program if not then why even bother get involved?

I never new this was a get rich plan. Maybe you should do some research on the place you are shopping and working at. Do they ever give you a referral fee or do they just keep getting rich on selling you cheep products that don't work or break within a month. So do you think your money is well spent?

The company you work for is the biggest scam.

They brainwash you to get there when they want you and do what they want because you might not get that every other week paycheck while the fat cat on top keep getting rich. God Bless.


What an odd post. At first I couldn't really tell whose side you were on.

Til the comment about paycheck. I am a melaleuca "lifer". I'll never buy cheap, toxic, harmful products.

I was a business builder at first.

I no longer am because I am comfortable- by no means wealthy- and I found that weeding through the closed- minded idiots out there was time consuming and depressive. These products aren't for everyone. You have to be smart enough to know that most of the harmful products out there like tide and Lysol are going to hurt you, your children, the environment. You have to be smart enough to see the great value in spending a little now for shipping of true wellness products rather than spending your life's savings later on hospitals, doctors, and drugs.

You have to be smart enough to use the products correctly- how hard is it to make six spray bottles of glass cleaner out of one bottle of concentrate that costs about $6. I don't know any product for cleaning glass that's toxin free, works better, and costs less than a buck. You have to have enough of a positive outlook to believe that not every company is out to scam you. And you have to be open minded enough to listen to a presentation and consider all the positives.

As for my business.

Not everyone stayed on as a shopper. I haven't enrolled anyone in a couple years. But I've never NOT gotten a paycheck. I still do, and it's enough to pay for most of my monthly purchase.

Melaleuca is awesome. Smart people should give it a try.

The rest of you, go ahead, keep bashing. Melaleuca will thrive without you.


Call your bank and put a stop authorization order in. That way, the bank won't allow the funds to be debited.


Did you ever contact the person who introduced you to Melaleuca?

If so all they had to do was have you fill out a simple cancelation form and they would of faxed it in.


If you were enrolled under full disclosure and you confirmed all the terms of your enrollment agreements, they you would have fully understood why your account was debited automatically. It's the back up / select pack order that is part of the preferred customer membership.

A company that has been enrolling customers the same way since 1985 can't be deceiving the public this way.

They wouldn't be debt free, and they would have been forced out of business a long time ago. Take some composition and grammar classes and come back with a real complaint.


So did you report this "theft" to your credit card company?

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