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My boyfriend and business partner tried to submit an application to Melaleuca. We own and operate a small retail store that is a state recognized Limited Liability Company with both our names on this LLC.

We also have all the other legal paper work from state and federal government recongizing this company. I had concerns when filling out the paper work for Melaleuca Limited Liabiity Company. One of the questions on the application was The sole owner/member and manager of the LLC is an unmarried individual (which we are) or The owners/memembers and managers of the LLC are a legally married couple (which we are not). They it asks for our names and information.

Under his information they ask if he is unmarried individual, husband or wife. Under my information they ask only if husband or wife. We were informed today that Melaleuca would not accept our application for LLC because we are not married. Now if we take my name off the application and submit it under his name we are okay.

This is the biggest bunch of dog *** I've heard in a long time. I am a reconginized partner in the LLC under the state and federal guidelines. But this joke of a company that thinks they are better and can judge on the basis of marriage.

Isn't that illegal. I onloy wish I had the money to sue there wellness ***!

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I am very proud to be part of a company that chooses to have rules and policies of business that they are willing to stand by and uphold.........thank you for confirming this......


I can see how that could have been frustrating. But policies are set in place for a reason, they are not to discriminate.

Why dont you all just join seperately?

I would love to work with you. I am married, but my husband wasn't interested in putting his name on the account, so we are in opposite boats :)



Be glad no one knows your supposed LLC- you'd probably be out of business right now. You're a ***.

Let me guess- you're one of those people who thinks that because you raise your voice, everyone should bow and kiss your feet. Simply put, you made an *** of yourself by posting that comment.

AND YOU'RE WRONG TOO! Maybe Melaleuca should sue your *** for slanderous comments on a public website.


That joke of a company had sales in one year recently of $885,000,000. They are laughing all the way to the bank.


Every company have a rule or policy to follow. Its simple, just follow it.

nobody will tell you how you run your business or your family . Right?


I know dirst hand people who are partners and are not married so maybe you should talk to somebody about your problem.


LOL GG!! hit the nail on the head with that comment.

Wait let me rephrase that for the ignorant: U hit da nale onda hed wit dat kalment :-D

Cloverbug, maybe you and the boyfriend should get married and make it easier on everyone! Just don't procreate.


Clearly Melaleuca is on the losing end by not having you and your boyfriend represent their company. You have such a winning attitude and a great command of the English language as well.

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