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In my attempt to remain objective and unbiased, all I can say to this point about my exposure and experience with Melalueca as a spouse of a marketing representative, is that all appears positive with not only the products and service, but also the service and support Melaleuca Corporate provides to its direct customers and marketing reps. That said, it appears some marketing reps don't sufficiently educate consumers or correctly convey how the membership program works.

As for comparisons to more traditional MLM programs, there appear to be some similarities however, Melalueca representatives do not sell or market products directly. They instead refer Malelueca products to friends and acquaintances based on their own experiences. If they like the products and see the health and savings value benefit along with business opportunity potential, if choosen, a Melalueca representative will assist them with membership sign up.

Bottom line is, it is my opinion when one is properly informed and understands Melalueca product wellness benefits, savings, program methodology, and residual income potential, that membership affiliation presents a great opportunity to improve not only yours and your family health and well being, but also creates a tremendous residual income opportunity.

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Tell me, how many companies have you come across where you have to be a a purchaser in order to SELL (yes I said sell) the product?

Vander(whatever) says that they cut out the middleman by allowing them to buy direct from the factory. But who introduces them to this un advertised company??

A MIDDLEMAN...a SALESMAN... (or the sugarcoated version) a MARKETER!!!!!!!!


I have found, that after hearing about how much money the people have made by working with the system, that you have to have money in your pocket in order to sustain your workability in melaleuca. The one thing I have never found out is how LONG did it take them to make "millions" per year.

And if they have a significant other that may be with child at the time...omg I can only imagine the stress level. But here I am, like a true champ, giving it a try...I must be crazy.

MLM truly means standing on the shoulders of those in the trenches in order to achieve greatness. I think they ought to market a product that gets rid of athletes scalp!!!!


Doesn't the term "unbiased" mean that you have no knowledge of, impartial? Isn't a jury supposed to be "unbiased", impartial, no knowledge of the alleged crime or defendant?

Your wife sells the products...I assume you've met her? And, as far as the other posts on here, well, thanks God for thesaurus's because you took every three letter word that could be used and turned it into a pompous post so that all of us idiots who complain would be saying "Well, golly, we ums must be dummer than a sofa, ma! No wonner we didn't make all that there money and be cured of everythin...we *** as a cow." My apologies to the cow. Most of these pro posts are so unbelievable, they actually make me laugh.

I have written several posts on here responding to "pro posts" and no one has ever answered me. There are just more "pro Mealeuca" posts that are written.


As a fifteen year consumer of their products, I can say they live up to their hype. As for making tons of money, the company is very upfront about the time and energy; even providing an earnings chart that shows the percentages of what can be made and how long it took on average to obtain those earnings.

I didn't get in it to make it a primary income source, but I have saved thousands of dollars over the years by buying products at a savings, getting preferred savings dollars, and referral bonus and I have helped my other family members who are making a living wage by referring people to the company. No one is getting rich, but no one is getting scammed either.


I'll have to be dead honest... my husband wants to get involved in a MLM business and I'm against it.

I do not want to feel like every time I talk to someone they are going to be "Oh God! What do they want to sell me now?"

I have been looking for something bad to support my side of the why not to do it. However mostly what I have found is support for the company he chose and how NOT to treat your clients. So, thank you to all of you.

As this is definitly an eye opener. Still not feeling the love for the idea, but at least I know what NOT to do.


Hey Thomas...when you are ready to try a great to me. I have been a loyal customer of Melaleuca for 3 1/2 years and have just recently decided to build a business for myself with it.

At first my reason for building the business was for a little supplemental income (not to "get rich" by any means).

Then I started learning more and more about the product. I love it even more now! Knowing that I am doing something good for myself and my family I want all of my friends, especially those with kids, to know what I know!

Their products are amazing!


Hey getalife and marcwysocki40. Looks a bit suspect when both your responses are verbatim.

Is that a suggested company written response? Anyway, I asked my friend for more info about the products and prices so I could do some product comparison shopping before I committed to signing up. His response was to cancel the appointment, with a comment that when I'm ready to commit, then he'll spend the time with me. :?

I find too often that MLM associates are too often more interestd in setting up their downline (for residual income) than in their products, clients and/or services. :cry


I must comment here, as I don't generally involve myself in such rhetoric. It can mean two different things depending on the connotation, as in “I trust my own judgement and my committed action thereof”.

Born in Grand Rapids Mi. I've been around the MLM industry much of my life and have met some very hard working, persistent, patient and dedicated people forging their destiny in it. They made their decision based upon a thought which was followed by a commitment or lack there of, for involvement. My own cautious observations over the years have postponed my success and proven that “timing is everything” many times. I've seen more circles drawn in my life than I care to remember.

I would attend functions, whether in a reps home, school gym at the local level, or some Hyatt Hotel & Resort® where the truly committed, from all over the country, would congregate in support of each other's dreams. The most prolific and life changing experience I gained from this was to stand near the exit doors as the attendees would file out and hear the critiquing that would be exchanged by those touched by what they heard. Those that walked briskly to their car, head down and shaking, found nothing in what they heard and for the mere effort of attending was met with gratitude of the host(s), at the door, with a handshake and smile. Appreciation for EFFORT?

In closing, the conversation of the critics would be centered around picking the message a part and molding it to suit their own comfort zones which resulted in failure and accusations of scams and pyramids. When in the real World it wasn't at all the program that failed it was the decision to pioneer their own way! Working their plan, which changed like the weather, seemed easier to do than following a tried, true and tested plan. The path of least resistance is the road most traveled still applies.

Inviting 1000 would result in 100 attending and 10 listening and 1 joining and with attrition nipping at the heels, your journey continues looking for NOT the one that joins, but the one that commits!


I been with Melaleuca 18 years and reading some of this stuff is sad to know that people in the real scams will post bad stuff about Melaleuca when they are talking about themselves. Melaleuca is the best and I'll say it again THE BEST HOME BASE BUSINESS THERE IS WITH NO RISK TO ANYONE. IT MUST BE AMWAY PEOPLE TALKING THE ***.


I been with Melaleuca 18 years and reading some of this stuff is sad to know that people in the real scams will post bad stuff about Melaleuca when they are talking about themselves. Melaleuca is the best and I'll say it again THE BEST HOME BASE BUSINESS THERE IS WITH NO RISK TO ANYONE. IT MUST BE AMWAY PEOPLE TALKING THE ***.

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