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Every complaint I have read on this site about melaleuca has been responded to by either melaleuca customers or reps. More often than not I have noticed a reply that is something to the effect of the complainer being an amway rep... Well lets look at that...

An amway rep has to pay a membership fee. An amway rep has to buy the product in order to make sales. An amway rep has to 'demo' the products to potential customers. An amway rep must recruit new marketing reps in order to move up the ladder. An amway rep is urged to use a 'fast' demo in order to cut down on time. An amway rep is instructed not to be too wordy. The difference between amway and melaleuca is that melaleucas products claim to be chemical free. Amway products (from what I have learned) do not. The game is the same. The marketing angle is the only difference.

So, to all you "Melan" heads, I would suggest not calling the kettle black when you sling mud. Have a nice day

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Don't knock it 'til you try it.


Amway and Melaleuca are the same structure as your job. The further you move up the ladder or pyramid the more you make and the more recognition that you get.

No difference. Corporate world is CEO at the top, then President or CFO and then a bunch of VP's underneath that level, and then a bunch of wannabees under them.

Looks like a pyramid to me. The difference is that you have some hope of time freedom in less than the 40 year plan.


pyramid scheme--- Look at your job. The CEO recruits employees that have no investment in the increase of profits. Employees work for a set wage regardless of how many people they refer to the company, how much profit they generate, or how hard they work. Employees don't get pissed off when their boss makes more than they do, it is understood. Much more of a pyramid than a MLM where you get paid for making the company money and refering business to them.

MLM seems much more fair to me.

In MLM you get paid for the results you create for the company. That is the way it should be.


Steve, you are incredibly misinformed. Melaleuca's Marketing Executives do make a bonus for enrolling new customers, but they make real residual income from commissions paid on their enrollees' purchases.

Everyone who enrolls with Melaleuca is a customer who purchases products directly from the company every month, and 63% of these people are perfectly content buying and using the products without ever enrolling another person. Another 26% will sign up 1 or 2 other people.

Only 11% pursue the business seriously. Of course it's a good thing to enroll some energetic business builders, but, again, the commissions are made from enrollees' purchases of product on a recurring basis.


People who go on about "pyramid scams" simply have no understanding.

Network marekting is a multi-billion marketing model. It is simple, but not necessarily easy and is perfectly legit. Those that fail blame others because that is what they always do.

With Melaleuca you do have to sell anything if you don;t want to. You a re a customer first and foremost. If you want to refer/recommend it to others you can.


For all of you who think the products are chemical free, think again. You should listen to experts like Dr.

Joe Schwartz at McGill University.

They are all chemicals, all have toxicity profiles and all have some sort of chemical mode of action. The only difference may be synthetic versus so called natural, and that is also debatable, because it is chemistry.


I looked into both companies when I was looking to work from home... Two BIG differences...

1.) Amway is cheap, caustic products that are harmful for the home and environment and is 2.) DEFINITELY MLM! Melaleuca has chemical free, SAFE products and is NOT MLM. You have to sell Amway products, you don't sell Melaleuca..

They sell themselves; and people buy direct from the company. I ultimately chose neither but I did make myself informed before I started spewing BS in the internet.


You know I have been approached by Melaleuca reps for years. They always were probably the "new guy" that was so fired up and excited they just did not go about it the right way.

I was approached by a good friend in January who was very credible even if we had not been friends already, his story was so compelling about Melaleuca and the fact his ex wife has been receiving a check for over 216 months I was sold right there. They are great products and I am not even selling them.

I am just telling people where they can buy them. It is a great feeling knowing I am just there helping people


Been in Amway 2 years... making 1K/ mo.

we have a couple people "under" us, but that's not where we, my husband and I, make most of that profit. We don't pressure our team to do anything. It's just a business opportunity, and we sell. And btw, you do not have to purchase products before selling.

Only if you want to sample. Sounded fair to me?

No quota, just a yearly fee to keep your website up and running. I am not a weirdo to my family, I just listen and meet needs


Both companies are great in their own right. I love the fact that I don't have to sell anything.

I just refer people to the company and get paid a commission when they purchase. I found it interesting when a customer of mine told me that for the last 216 months his ex wife has received a check each month for over $2,500 per month.

That is $30,000 per year for doing nothing. I figure if I just share information of a good product with people I meet or know and I can build a yearly income of that or more I am all for it.


Amway is a great company and is completely legal .

the people who say it "DOESN'T WORD" are idiots who did nothing to improve their buisness .

YES ,i gues you can say it "sells member ships" BUT it's basically a win ,win situation .

EX :If i have a friend involved in this company and i decide to join and be under her company what i make the whole team makes and so forth if i get others to join under me .


The Melaleuca pyramid is exactly the same as the Amway pyramid. The product is different but not the process.

The only reason Amway's pyramid was considered barely legal is because they actually had a product to sell, not just memberships.

The key to identifying this as a pyramid is two things...

One, they require you to buy a membership. It's cheap yes, but still the number one red flag of any scam.

Two, the only way to really make money is to sign up more associates under you. So the main goal for most associates is to sell memberships, not products.


62% of people that purchase Melaleuca products are happy just buying the products nothing more. The products are great because I am not anything more than a customer, yes I get paid a commission when I tell someone about the company and they buy products.

Yes they have to pay a membership but quite often it is dropped from a one time $29.00 fee to a $1.00 fee and is cancelable at any time. I like the fact that they are good products and good for my family and can be canceled at any time if I feel otherwise.


Yes it is an AWESOME company & has great affordable products...I'm a hairstylist near Toledo, Oh. and in the late 80's or early 90's one of my clients wanted to meet my my Hubby & I about a business proposition... so we did and of coarse we automatically assumed it was "Amway" & no way would we sign up for that but I wanted to give him the chance to be heard...anyway he convinced us to become Members & join Melaleuca because it was in the ground level stages & we would eventually be making 100's of thousands dollars if not Millions n


Melaleuca IS NOT anywhere close to the other companies!! We don't carry an inventory or take orders, we don't collect money, we make the time to explain (or find out) the answer to every question, Melaleuca has been awarded the Better Business Bureau Blue Torch Award..... NEED I SAY MORE?

Do some research.........PHENOMENAL COMPANY!!!!


I am confused, Chris K., please explain why you agree with this post, when you ripped apart another post on here. (The other post was a bit strange, but you seemed pro-Melaleuca on it.) This post is not. Just curious.


Well effin' said. I love intelligent people :D


Fair statement

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