Ashburn, Virginia
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Everyone shops somewhere, and Melaleuca offers great products that are on the cutting edge of quality, performance, and many in high concentration. When you are a member, which I have been now for more than 8 years - you simply switch spending from store brands to Melaleuca's own brand. You shop at wholesale for American made products delivered right to your door, get up to 15% back, and have the OPTION to bring others to shop also. You do NOT have to recruit others if you have no desire to get a monthly check!

If you love their superior products, which now number more than 450, it only is natural that you may tell somebody. Even by building a small database of customers for Melaleuca, you will easily earn a check for several hundred bucks a month!! Does anywhere that you shop now send you a check for any reason at all? Melaleuca rewards both shoppers, and shoppers the refer others to shop - NO selling or investing in inventory, No taking orders, NO delivering products, No Distributors!!

Reason of review: Good quality.

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The hand sanitizer packets and tough and tender wipes are not made in America. I called the company upset because I was told everything was made in America.

They said that the cloths used were biodegradable and not available in the U.S. I'm not so sure that I believe that.