Cincinnati, Ohio

The products aren't as great as claimed. And they are not affordable for somebody living on their own, with a child on the way, making minimum wage.

I got charged for my back up order and didn't have the money in my bank account to pay for it, causing it to bounce and screw me over.

I've been trying to cancel my account for the past month. i don't have access to a computer or printer and ive told them that time and time again, yet they keep telling me they need it in writing which i think is complete ***. I'm calling to cancel my account, I'm the account holder, I'm giving you verbal permission to close my account.

I don't understand why i can't just cancel the *** thing over the phone. Finally they had me download the quick send app, which i should have been told about in the first place... I thought they said canceling would be quick and easy... I'm very disappointed in this company.

I liked what they claimed to do for people, but it's not worth my money, time or the hassle. I will not be a returning member.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Regardless of how you became a member (over the phone, online and/or with paperwork), you legally agreed to Melaleuca's "Statement of Policies and Definitions of Terms." Section 10 states that "a Customer may cancel his/her Customer Membership Agreement, for any reason at any time by sending a completed Melaleuca Cancellation Form or by giving written notice to Melaleuca bearing his/her original signature, printed name, address, Customer Number and reason for canceling (to assist Melaleuca in improving its customer service)."

You don't need a computer or a printer to make a written cancellation request, all you need is a pen and a piece of paper (if you don't have a nice clean sheet of paper, you can use a napkin or the back of a receipt. Really, I'm not kidding!) and include the following information:


Your Name

2. Your Membership ID (so that Melaleuca can easily locate your account.

3. The words "Please Cancel My Account"

4. Your Signature (While they encourage you to also include a reason, it's not really that necessary.) If you don't have access to a computer, a fax machine or a smartphone, there is always good old regular postal mail.

Just make sure that you mail your letter with enough time for it to reach Melaleuca before the end of the month to avoid a backup order (which is also something to which you legally agreed).

The only way you would have any further problems after carefully following all of these steps is if you have bad handwriting or if you took a blurry digital picture of your letter. Melaleuca's "Statement of Policies and Definition of Terms" can be located at the following address:


Wow! I love Melaleuca, but it's like any other job, one has to get off their rear ends to do it.

I've made good money and the products are awesome, so honestly, I don't know what you're complaining about, why?? Because you didn't make any money??


I don't think you are even paying attention to what was stated.

I am a since parent and I work full time and take care of other households as well.

I was told by melaleuca I could not request cancellation in writing but had to use the option on my online account, and it wasn't working. That went on for weeks. It actually took about two months from the time of my first call to CS.

I didn't have time for the hassles I kept running into with this company and Cs was no help--even when they talked like everything was going to be taken care of.

I wasted my time and money--not ever trying to make money just trying to find good products. The products must have changed a lot over the years because I had very bad reactions and so did my mother who was a longtime member.

I had horrible experiences and got so frustrated trying to make MORE time to deal with these issues. I returned products because neither myself nor my family could use them without breaking out, itching, and migraines. I also had many unopened and brand new products I returned. NOTHING was refunded.

The company is now stating none of it was ever received when I confirmed it by phone with Cs months ago and I have the USPS tracking numbers with confirms delivery. The hassle continues. I should have just saved my money on shipping but CS told me I could send it back for a refund even if some of it would not be fully refunded. Melaleuca must really be hurting for financially if they need to be unethical and keep money from single mothers and children.

I have absolutely no time or patience for that. I work anywhere from 9 to 11 hours a day. I take care of my own children. I take care of my disabled father and help with other personal matters.

I don't love Melaleuca at all at this point.

The reps have been extremely arrogant and rude here. I am just very unimpressed.


That's too bad you had a lousy enroller who didn't help you suspend your membership, so you didn't have to go thru "all that drama". Maybe there is something here you could take responsibility for instead of blaming others.....just saying.


Have you tried reading your documents before you sign? I saw it stated clearly that you must cancel in writing.


Melaleuca will sure let you enroll one the phone, however, you can't cancel on the phone! Blatant fleecing of your wallet and trust!

Obviously a sketchy deceptive in practice.

google "melaleuca pyramid scheme"

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