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By far the worst company I have ever seen. If you are approached by their "representative" don't be fooled.

The product is not great, but that is not necessarily the bad part. Once you inform them you don't want their product, you will play *** trying to get them to stop charging you. Finally If you dispute your credit card charges they will start harrasing you with collection calls.

I canceled mine they still sent product, I refused the product (sent it back) they still continue to harrass me about payment for a product I didn't recieve.

Monetary Loss: $70.

  • worst company
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Thanks for sttaring the ball rolling with this insight.


earned $1800 first month check what can i say about this debt free company. after gathering all the stuff in my house i can replace with melaleuca products, i gave them points just like melaleuca products and whew, over 200 points.

just looking at my current household products now that they are all together, i buy more than 100 points from the grocery store. happy member and people i referred are happy as well.


Did you know that people are paid to answer blogs such as these for companies? So there is a real possibility - which does not have a reliable ratio I can use to try to scare you with like some fear mongering, trashy fox news reporter, throwing out a *** number like 90% without any facts to try and discredit a wave of positive comments, like a pouting child... Or a dim-witted blogger being paid by the competition to say negative things about a company that somehow has worse products than those you can find in the supermarket down the street, yet has 95%(Real number, go call them and ask for the numbers) reorder rate of their customers.

Oh, but maybe the products do suck and I'm just being paid to say this. Well, how about you go write Centrum and ask why when they mailed Melameuca with a cease and desist three years ago, asking them to take the data regarding how superior their product was to Centrum's, and CEO Frank Vandersloot mailed them back asking them to please feel free to sue, as his company would be happy to show their laboratory results in a court trial, they not only did not hear back from them, but you never heard of a big corporate trial where a company blasted Centrum out of the water with their superior product? Or maybe we're just paid by Maleleuca to say these things, and I'm making that up. Maybe that is why their name is still in training materials? Maybe Centrum forgot to take their ForgetMeNot memory enhancing chocolate bar from their shipment last month, and it just slipped their mind that they still have no case and that your weak minded arguments fuel people to come sign up on this "pissedoffcomsumer" website, and talk about how much of a *** these people, and even OFFER to HELP you cancel your orders?

To those of you who are not the gentleman/woman above this comment, I apologize you have had difficulty or displeasure with your products or billing. It seems that your representative (who is running a business advertising for maleleuca still btw. You should probably consider calling and reporting that he misinformed you of your payment agreements) has lied to you or taught you incorrectly about Maleleuca. You can cancel for the next coming month before the 25th? Why? Because they have shipments that go out all over the world, and in order to ensure that they make as efficient of a production line as possible, they set up these "Backup orders" so that they can run their assembly lines and laboratories constantly, and immediately send it to a state-of-the-art processing centers. Anyone can go. Its in Idaho Falls, ID. So chances are even if you cancel on the 2nd, they have already made your backup order, because their computer told them you wanted to receive the selected items in case you did not order anything, to keep your 30-40% discount, and it is already on some conveyor belt, being ready to be shipped to you. You get $20 of free product for 5 months after your first months order. I recommend 1) finish ordering everything you think might be neat to try. They claim its the best and have claimed these are the best, and have a 1,000,000 household customer base in North America to vouch for it. 2) use your free $20 for FOUR MONTHS after, and then cancel, assuming you now still, after trying $80 of free product, and tell them the truth: you still don't like their product. You want to receive a refund on their 100% satisfaction guarantee. get your money back for your orders, your membership in the Preffered Customer Discount Program fee, and send back the empty packages WHEN AND WHERE they tell you. You can't just send back items to any place that had their name. They will probably inspect the batch yours came from, and might even offer to send you a the same things from different batch to see if its better. 3) Approach the person who signed you up, and tell him his presentation sucked, and to go get some training instead of ripping people off for whatever measly $12 he got out of your frustration, instead of a business partnership like Sales Reps for Maleleuca should be trying to build for your, and their benefit.


Very pushy sales people and tried not to take no for an answer. It did not help my eczema and am suspicious of anyone that says that it cleared up some eczema in three days, not possible


As a customer for more than 6 years we love the products. For those of you that don't love the products, not everyone loves a Ford, go back to the store you were purchasing from.

Melaleuca allows you to cancel anytime before the 25th of each month after that your cancellation goes into effect the next month. This was in the rule book. I have never had or ever heard of anyone canceling properly (underline) not be able to cancel.

If Melaleuca was so bad they would not have the top rating the Better Business offers. So for you that are considering trying Melaleuca do your own research.


I love the company, and my family have been customers for almost 18yrs now! When I turned 18 I set up my own account so I could continue receiving the products that cured my eczema, acne, and recently helped me lose all of my pregnancy weight! I now weigh less than I did before I got pregnant :) Anyone who has had a bad experience was enrolled by someone who had no idea what they were doing!


As an independent "representative"... I have NEVER seen someone have an issue with trying to cancel..

as a matter of fact, I will be the first to help anyone of the people I have referred..cancel.. if they are no longer interested.

The products are great (although I dont love them all) and its been a seamless relationship! Sorry for your issues but you are not the norm!


:) Happy Melaleuca customer for 9 years. Every month.

No problems.

None. Very high quality products and less expensive than health food store versions.


so if the good comments are people that "work for the company", is it safe to say that the unfavorable comments are from the "competition"? Really?


Many customers in Idaho have used their products for years and love them! I have joined and will report what I find.

Up front they told me what the one time fee would be. Plan to hear from me again.

There are unscrupulous sales people with every company... ;)


Like any company either it works or it doesn't work for you.

I use Melaleuca because they have some products that I like and I can't get them anywhere else.

I have gotten significant healing results with their vitamins and minerals.

I do NOT like most of their products, actually, but the ones I do like work for me and that is why I get them.

The company has never done anything negative to me, and I don't pay much more than I would at a local store for comparable products that don't work for me.

I do not work for Melaleuca nor have I been paid for this comment.


This company is great and so are the products.


Now people are getting paid to answer blogs such as these for the companies? So nine chances out of ten if there is a positive comment they are getting paid to either answer that way or are looking for more "customers". Please aire on the side of caution with this company.

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