Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
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did not want any products one month and they sent products any way . Iwas not told that you had to spend 35 points a month by the person who signed me up.

You have to read fine printed. Stay away from the Melaleuca people and products. Do not give them your credit card because you'll be sorry. They got me this time do not let this happen to you.

This is like a cult the people who try to sign people up get paid off what the other spend and will not be honest about the company and the programs. Beware

Monetary Loss: $91.

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I assure you that the person that signed you up either told you about the "fine print" as you called it or maybe you weren't listening. 35 points are easy to do for some and maybe not so easy for others.

If Melaleuca isn't for you, that's ok! But for goodness sake, please don't call them a cult. There are hundreds of thousands that love the products and are repeat customers ~ by choice, like myself. The products are top of the line and toxin free.

All you had to do was call the Melaleuca home office (the phone number is on the enclosed receipt when you got your products) and ask them to explain why you got an order.

When people sign up now days, the Customer Service person ASKS if you understand what the backup order is about. Melaleuca is a wonderful company - maybe not for everyone but for many it's the best when it comes to outstanding healthy products.


My presenter just spent 3 hrs. explaining the plan to me and I signed up.

It is a very detailed plan so maybe some of the complainers may not have the mental capacity or attention skills to comprehend it.

They could have had an presenter who did not do a good job with the presentation. In any case, the customer phone number and detailed info in the starter kit provide the facts.

Chris M

Unfortunatley, as the Rev. said, you must have had a very bad presenter.

All of this was explained to us very clearly. I am sorry this happened to you.


Yes your presenter should have explained that to you and if you had cancelled in time you would not have had to pay the products they sent anyway. it is called a backup order for the people that forget to make their order. if your presenter did not explain it you would have gotten it in your melaleuca packet regardless.


Jarvis05, Did you watch the video? Did yu get any kind of presentation at all?

For if you had, if you had even read and watched the things in your membership kit you would have known about the back up order. Just as people are always blaming God for the things man does, so are you blaming the company for the things your presenter or you have done or not done. If you are in your first three months, you can get your money back, you can also return the products for a full refund.

Have you taken the time to call customer service? 800-282-3000


Really?? Really???

You sign in as a Christian as to use a honorable pretence who should be believed over another?? Really??

In the process you talk down to the original poster! It's no wonder Christianity is dying!!


Wow "Unreal" (as your nickname was posted). You have some kind of issue or an ax to grind with Christians ...

There was nothing that insinuated the Reverend should be believed above any other posting person. Everything he said was true.

The original posting person "obviously" did not consume the information regardless if it was presented correctly or not.

And by the way, there are PLENTY of us Christians alllll over the globe.

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