Arlington Heights, Illinois

I have contacted the company on four (4) occasions to purchase products. I guess they don't want a sale from me.

No one ever got back to me. I have used the products before and really liked them. I wanted to buy some laundry detergent, fabric softener, dyer sheets, spot remover and some other items. I called the toll free number twice.

I e-mailed them once and even contacted someone that sells the products, but no one ever called me or e-mailed me back.

Is there anyone in the North West Suburbs in Illinois that sells these products?

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If you still not get any help call me and I will help with this. I am a rep for Melaleuca 301-606-1358


I find it very hard to believe that you havent been able to reach the company to purchase products...its not like its a small company with a answering machine?!?! if you called you would've spoke to someone and they wouldve set you an account to place order. simple. I would be happy to help you

or anyone else interested in learning more about this incredible 25 year old company that was green before green was popular. or paste my website:


if you cut and paste from somthing like microsoft word you get extra spaces.






Sorry about the large gaps. I have no clue how they got there


Hello Ts1234, I'm a Melaleuca Rep. I have been involved in Melalueca 3 times. I believe in proving everything I say. I never say or do anything that would require me to look over my shoulder, as it were. In other words, what I expect of myself is, that when other people ask me a question who are going to put "trust" in me and who do not know me, I expect to answer them with a reference or proof of what I say. I don't automatically expect them to believe me or trust me.

The first time I was involved with melaleuca was in 1991.

I had contracted a dibiltaing illness a year earlier which affected me for the next 7 years. I lost everything, all my possesions, my relationship and my son (5 months old at the time)and eventually became homeless, living at the New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans at 17 Court St in Boston MA. I'll provide my client number to anybody who can confirm to me their identity to verify my statement. I saw Melalueca as a very viable way for me to regain, at the very minimum the ability to acquire a home and bring in money to a household so I "might" regain my relationship and son. There is no physical labor required with the melalueca business so, as far as I was concerned it was perfect and I could promote my business from anywhere. Unfortunately I was enrolled by a man whose only motivation was to get as many people involved as quickly as he could to make as much money as he could without any concern of his promise to those he convinced that "he would help" them reach their goals.

You see, that's what Melalueca is all about! It's about help other to reach their goals and in the process we reach ours.

It's not some get rich quick scheme!

So needless to say... with my confidence level being what it was I fell by the wayside but, In my heart and mind I absolutely knew that Melaleuca was still the answer but as with all companies there are rules. One of those rules is that if a distrubutor is still active with no complaints (most people don't complain) then I would have to wait a year before I could re-enroll under somebody else. Needless to say I was upset because I didn't think it was fair but, that rule prevents certain circumstances from developing that would be very detrimental to everybody in the company.

I run a company now and I've had to implement rules which aren't fair across the board. All rules (this doesn't apply to govenmental offices and agencies) try to address the topic of fairness and dishonesty with a legitimate corporate structure but can not address "all individual circumstances". I called the Melalueca's corporate headquarters to eplain my circumstance with this enroller. To shorten this story, My Enroller's "quickly built business" collapsed from his lies to his enrollees 9 months after I left. I became disillusioned and went on lifes way.I had always loved the products.

The 2nd time I enrolled in Melalueca was in 2000. I was in a Dunkin Donuts and I over heard 2 guys talking and one said the word "Melaleuca". I excused myself as I interrupted their conversation to state that I was interested in buying the products.

The almost indentical situation happened with that person as the first I enrolled.

The first and second time I was enrolled in Melaleuca I was in what I call a Bad Line.

A Bad Line to me is when an Enrollers/Sponsors is a liar and says that they'll help to get a person to enroll and then doesn't help.

Two months ago, I enrolled again. I talked with my enroller. No, I take that back...I interviewed my enroller. Over the years and at the age of 53 I've acquired the discernment to now know whether somebody is lieing to me or not.

My current Enroller has taken a special interest in me and my first enrollee because we demonstrated that we were interested in building this as a business by how we enrolled. I am now making money from this part-time and my enrollee is poised to receive a check from his seconfd month of approximately $2,000 dollars and to top that Enroller is going to give my Enrollee an additional $200 of his personal money. You can't bet that with a stick. Now that's support.

I'm here to tell you that if you had a bad experience, I am willing to go that extra mile and "actively" assist you to reach your goals. You obviously must be willing to assist me to assit you by following very simple instructions and, giving yourself and me no less then 12 to 15 hours a week out of a 7 day week. I can assure you if you do that you will be receiving checks from the very first month. Also, we now have the Internet and don't worry if you no nothing about the Internet. I do! I'm an IT Expert and I'm the Founder and President of an IT Company and you can ask me to prove it. I would have no problem tutoring you in very simple procedure you'd want to take advantage of that not every Enroller does or can provide to their Enrollees. With the Internet and the right Enroller...enrolling becomes 30% easier. If this sound like you'd want to give it a try again or if it's your first time I'll gladly assist you to a level to where you'll tell me that you don't need my assistance anymore. I can only take on 6 Individuals or 6 couples or a combination of individuals and couples. I can tell you that a Husband and a Wife that can work together take reaching the $6,000 a month level in 6 months or less, a lot easier.

I live by several Golden Rules. Two of them being, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and "When we help others, we help ourselves". I'm here if you need me and Thank You for reading this.

Sincerely, with best regards



The company does not sell direct. You have to go through a rep. Give me a call at 214-325-3392 and I can help you.


This post is a SCAM - a person is trying to collect email addresses and phone numbers to spam.

Beware of posting your information!


Please contact me @ and i will help you place the order. I am an Independent Marketing Executive of melaleuca. Thanks


Please contact me at and I will help you placing the order @30-40% off retail. I am marketing executive of Melaleuca. Thanks!


If you would like to get the products at 30-40% off contact me at and we will get them for you.


When you call the toll-free number you press the prompts to get to a person to put in your order. Call 1 (800) 282-3000. I've never had a problem Puttinh an order in.

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