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Ok, For all of you Melaleuca haters...Everything is Not for Everyone! Just because you were not happy for whatever reason,doesn't give you the right to slander this company!

If you like like it..if you don't you don't!!! Half the time you can't believe what people say on these review sites anyway! so people do your homework first,then try it or not!

as for the Annoymous melaleuca employee..why are still working for them if they are so bad? that is such in poor taste to say that stuff about the very people who are giving you paychecks!!

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To the OP:

Slander is spoken, libel is written. Truth is an absolute defense against charges of slander and/or libel.


About 20 years ago my husband and I were into Melaleuca. We loved the products.

I had a sales rep contact us at home about a year ago but we were disappointed in what we had to do to become a customer. We didn't want to sell the product we want to use the product!

Isn't there anyone out there who can just sell the product to us without having us sign up for membership? :sigh


Robin, They are great products aren't they! You don't have to sell the product.

Joining is just how their company is set up. With 400 products now, if you didn't order the same item twice, it would take you 3-1/2 years to try every item that they offer! Everyone showers, brushes their teeth, uses shampoo, deodorant, lotions, cleans their bathroom, disinfects their home (especially during flu season) and does the laundry! The products that they offer are many and the utmost in good quality.

Their vitamins are superb - you won't find any better quality than Melaleuca. The fact that their products are GMO-free and free of harsh, toxic chemicals, is enough for me to shop there ~ on a monthly basis. It's worth it to me knowing that my family is being treated the most healthy way that I have found.

And that is toxin-free.


And we do not sell products! We are not distributers.

Most of Melaleuca's members are customers with a small percentage, about 20% representing the company by helping to grow the brand.

It's a wonderful company. Call the corporate office and they will help you to better understand what they offer.


disregard my last post.. i just realized this will never happen as melaleuca stands proudly on a 95% reorder rate.. they need autoship to maintain this misleading number.


Melaleuca does not have an auto ship program. They offer a preferred customer membership for those who think they will buy products such as self care, home cleaning, nutrition and the like.

When you become a preferred customer, you get a discount of 30-50% as opposed to those who do not shop every month. This is an incentive to realize that the 35 points is truly nothing in comparison to what you are already buying every month in other stores. the quality of the products is phenomenal and they will ultimately save you money as you will no longer compulsive buy! This site has many of the melaleuca company membership program facts all wrong.

Do your research and call the company direct for answers.

For years I have been building a business with melaleuca and I have to tell you, I am amazed at the retention rate of the customers I recommended join Melaleuca. Be open hearted and put your guard down...give this a chance, you will be pleasantly surprised.


of course people have the right to voice thier opinions, negatively and positively.. it's the internet and still a free country. most of the negative comments have been over membership and cancellation issues. Melaleuca (the company and/or it's marketers) are better served to fix the problems people have rather than discrediting the opinions of people who have had problems. It's discouraging to see some of the counterclaims by maleleuca folks that are slanderous on this site.

I will never join based on melaleucas current policies and i don't think i'm alone. I already gave the solution to someone who tried to recruit (yes I said recruit) me...

A- offer 1st time buyers a 30-40% discount of thier first purchase with NO agreement. And accept paypal so people don't feel like thier giving up thier credit cards. If the product sells itself what's the problem?

B- let people buy retail without any agreement.. again if the products are so good what's the problem? eventually the people who enjoy the products will want to save the 30-40% and enter the preferred agreement.

C- The final sign up for those who wish to enter the preferred agreement is done online by the customer where it explicitly says this an autoship ... i have a feeling many are misled into the $1 signup tactic without realizing so. this is not melaleucas fault directly so melaleuca should do somthing like this to avoid any confusion and take the power out of decietful marketers hands.

D- cancellation should not be this difficult, i cancel credit cards, cable accounts etc all on the telephone.. fix this.

there it's simple.. if you do this the only problem you'll have are product and customer service related.


I agree 100%!! Why do people have to be so negative about EVERYTHING!!

Just because they don't like Melaleuca product doesn't mean that somebody else won't. These negative people are possibly taking away the opportunity for other's to live a healthier life.


And I agree. I totally love the products.

I'm sick of going to the doctor with my family being sick - the Melaleuca oil is wonderful to wipe down touched areas disinfecting for the flu. The products - 400 of them now, are wonderful. I am so pleased and have actually called customer service with a problem and they were right on it and I received a free replacement within the week. I feel bad that others have had a hard time with customer service.

I think since this reply is a couple years after the comments above, any customer service problem that they had has been most definitely been fixed. They are very nice even.

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