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Was looking for work from home and found an ad to work for an "all green" company called "melaleuca". I got signed up thru a woman who sells their memberships and was told that I must also become a member to sell their memberships.

She ended up ordering me $80 of product (laundry soap, prenatals, toothpaste and all purpose cleaner). Members must also commit to spending around $50 a month on their products. I decided to cancel, send back the products because I'm looking for work, not to be their regular customer in a set spend bracket. The real problems started when I tried to cancel.

The first person I spoke with kept trying to "resell" me on the products and how great they are as well as question my position multiple times. The second person told me to send back the products, wait till there was no hold on my account, then try to log back on in a few weeks to finish the membership cancellation process. I'm still trying to get my membership canceled.

Watch out for this company, I will NOT be dealing with them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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so can I trust this company ? or not? I've been reading both good and bad here about melaleuca [ work at home united being the area company here in the denver metro area of CO]


It is not true that these products are be better priced than the stores. But the time you pay shipping it is just not so!

And I don't appreciate how difficult they make to quit. These are hard times and sometimes for financial reasons, it is nessesary to bail.


A wonderful friend of mine sold friend passed this week and her husband tried to cancel her account. The company was very very rude to him, no sympathy for his passing wife or that fact that he has no desire to sell the product himself.

He had to threaten the company in order for them to cancel his wifes account...really, was this necessary? Where is the heart and soul of this company? Obviously not with the people who work for them, nor is there heart in the customer service.

He just lost his wife for peet sake...have a heart, it's not about the money!!!!! I will never use this product again and will indeed tell others of this experience.


Sometimes you'll run into someone who is rude or lacks empathy. I recall when someone from my organization reported they were met with aggressive behavior, I called and reported them to our Melaleuca management team.

Less than 24 hours later I received a call from Frank V. (President and CEO of Melaleuca). He apologized for this employees behavior, stated they had received a few complaints and that he had been terminated.

No business if perfect, because they employ imperfect people.

My wife and I came from middle class, hard working families. When we were introduced to Melaleuca, I said sure I'll try these products, she said she'd not only try them, but share them with others as well. I was skeptical, but she's the boss, so when she said she, she meant we, and we began sharing these products with others. We've been customers now for 8 years.

Our first year we earned a little over $65k. The next couple of years we earned between $150k and $300k per year. Today we earn over half a million dollars a year. Yes, that's a lot of money, but we aren't money focused.

Our organization has helped thousands of families convert to better, safer products. We've also helped many people get out of debt, pay off their mortgage, take trips, gain time freedom etc. We have small children at home.

One things that is amazing about Melaleuca is that when we pass away, our kids inherit our business. So we're not just building a business that will last our life time, but will last theirs and their kids lifetimes as well.


On behalf of the representative who signed you up, I apologize for her behavior.

As previously stated, the idea behind becoming a Melaleuca customer is to switch stores so you're using safer, better quality, better priced products than what you would find in the stores. When a Rep enrolls a new customer -whether they're just purchasing products, or building business as well-, our job is to simply HELP you shop for what you need. Once your application is submitted, YOU have to go ahead and confirm that you want to be a customer. Had she completed the process properly, the person who signed up up would have explained to you that as a preferred member, you're agreeing under contract to purchase 35 points of product per month, which when you truly switch stores, is not hard to achieve. If you did not want that monthly obligation, you should have been offered the Direct membership, where you purchase products on an AS NEEDED basis at full price.

You were clearly misguided and for that, I apologize. Some people come into businesses like Melaleuca with their mindset on filling their wallet rather than helping people out of the goodness of their heart. Those reps give our company, and others, a bad name.

Also, to cancel, it should've been explained to you that you would have to write corporate a letter stating you'd like to cancel, and as long as it was submitted and received by the 24th of that month, you wouldn't get charged. That process has now changed in that you simply submit the cancellation form, still an easy process, but some people just deal with unpleasant people.


I'm very sorry you have had this experience. I have been with Melaleuca since January 2008 and love it.

The idea is to switch for things you need and use everyday. With Melaleuca you'll find better, safer, healthier products that also help to save money. We have saved over $3000 since we joined and have received $350 in free products. Just for being loyal customers! NO other store I ever shopped at did anything close to giving me free products just for shopping there when I needed things.

I have also made over $30,000 and for a stay at home mom with 2 young children..being able to work from home and make money. It has been fantastic and I am very happy and thankful that I joined and stuck it out.

Hope everything works out for ya.