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I've recently read a string which I believe to be misinformed consumers.... I have been a Melaleuca customer (not a sales agent) for more than 6 years now.

I can honestly say that my family is one of the healthiest in our neighborhood ( my daughter was one of two children with perfect attendance at her school last year). I truly feel that these products are superior to anything else on the market, especially considering the low cost. Prior to purchasing Melaleuca my daughter was in the hospital with RSV, and we all had major allergies (most likely associated with indoor pollution). In the last several years we are the picture of health.

To all that are bashing the company... all I can say is maybe you haven't really done your research. In my years with Melaleuca, we've had two shipping errors which were promptly and easily resolved. Customer Service is obviously a priority for this service.

Take care and stay HEALTHY!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

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I'm so glad to hear some good comments about Melaleuca. I truly think that those customers that are happy are just ..

happy and go on about their lives being healthy instead of taking the time to place comments about how pleased with the products they are. When someone told me they had read some of these I got online and looked them up. WOW! I think the happy customers should be getting on here too, because Melaleuca is the most reputable online company that I've done business with.

We too are getting rid of harmful cleaners that we breathe every day and discontinued using the things that we put on our skin - which totally soaks up everything you put on it!!! I haven't found a single item that we don't like - maybe at some point we will, but my gosh!

If you don't like a pair of shoes in a shoe store, you don't stop going there - you try something else!!!! (duh!)

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