Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Never base your success on anyone. Any home based business requires effort that we put forth.

I agree from your description the mentor was very rude. Do not let that stop you, it's not the company that failed you it, was an individual. Remember we get our blessings, but they are sabotaged when we count on people. I have joined Melaleuca, but my mentor is not the one in charge of my success.

I AM IN CHARGE. Nobody should ever want our success than we do.

You should have went around that stumbling-block. Don't give up..Try again

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:) I have been with Melaleuca off and on for 3 years. I have had not one drop of trouble with cancelations or changes. I know of other people who\'ve cancelled and not had any trouble either.


I agree! I am with melaleuca too. But I do have all the help I need and want its a great team.

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