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Melalaleuca is a NO-NO, if you need your money in your bank account.

After paying $1.00 to join I was waiting for an order booklet to check out the prices. Instead, my bank account was debited $61.84 and I haven't received anything.

However, I never ordered anything.

When I saw the charge on my e-statement I contacted Melaleuca to not send the $61.84 order, I was informed that I would have to pay $10.00 to request the return of the order. This is a crock of *** My bank had to close my account and reopen a new one to stop them from any further charges.

It is still an uphill battle to try to get my $61.84 back.

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Wow! There are some real idiots posting.

Take responsibility and quit blaming a company for your choices. BYW, happen to know Melaleuca donates to both Republican and Democratic parties.


First of all...what are you a dumb ***??? As an adult, anything you sign you must FULL.

If you read the contract, it said that you would either have to place an order of 35 points a month OR they place an order from your back-up order (that you set-up) automatically. That is the absolute first thing that I learned when I joined. It's not Melaleuca's fault that you didn't read a contract in FULL that you signed. It's your own fault.

Take responsiblity for your own actions. You have no one to blame but yourself!


This company keeps calling me regarding how I can make more money. They are hard sales types and I really do not have time for it.

I have said no several times but they keep calling.

They got my business card from a job fair my company was holding pretending to be someone looking for a job.... has this happened to any one else?


I too was surprised to see a deduction from my checking account. Melaleuca sent me an order that I didn't place and then charged my checking account.

I had to pay $12.00 shipping to send it back. I called the company and told them I didn't want their products, I didn't agree to these terms and to please refund my money and not send me any more unsolicited items. They agreed on the phone to remove my name from their database. A few days later I noticed a $65 charge from Melaleuca again, but this time there was no box.

I called the company again and was told the box was on it's way and was apparently sent out before I cancelled my "membership." I was told to return the box, which I did. UPS was happy to take the unopened box when I told them I was refusing deliver. When several more days passed and I didn't see a credit in my checking account I called the company and was told they had put the refund on hold until I contacted them to state what I wanted done with it! DUH!

Don't they keep records? Then I was informed the shipping charges would be deducted from my refund BOTH ways. So a $65 order that I didn't place cost me over $20, plus the $12 to return the first box and $10 to put a stop payment order at my bank to prevent any more unauthorized deductions.

Sorry I can not recommend this company to anyone. I received very poor customer service and feel the company is dishonest.


Melalueca is very transparent and everything is in writing. When you sign up you agree to purchase 35 points to keep the discount membership which is not new money, it is simply switching stores from the chemical products at the store.

It is plain and clear. Though it never seems to amaze me that people always want to complain about something instead of reading the print. Melalueca's products are exceptional. My sister got rid of dandruff just by changing shampoos from store bought.

There is a money back guarantee and you can cancel anytime if your not happy. So NO EXCUSES or COMPLAINTS people.


Why didn't you just go on-line and order your products? I really don't think they took your money.

You should've called and asked what was going on, if you truly had a problem. Something tells me there is more to this story then you are tell.

Of course, we are only hearing 1 side and we all know there are 2 sides to every story. :cry


I've been a happy Melaleuca customer for nearly six years.

There are two categories of customers at Melaleuca: "Preferred Customers" and "Direct Customers".

Most customers choose to be a "Preferred Customer" because of the great benefits: 30-40% off of normal retail prices, Loyalty Shopping Dollars, Access to Melaleuca Services (cell phone servics, home phone services, home security, etc.), access to Melaleuca Marketplace (savings on purchases from over 650 retailers). In exchange for these benefits "Preferred Customers" agree to purchase a minimum quantity of product from Melaleuca each month. To prevent customers from losing their "Preferred Customer" benefits, Melaleuca has "Backup Order" requirement for "Preferred Customers." If a "Preferred Customer" does not purchase the required minimum amount by the end of the month, then the "Backup Order" selected by the customer when they became a member is shipped automatically. A "Preferred Customer" can switch their membership to a "Direct Customer" or cancel their membership altogether at any time.

"Direct Customers" can purchase products from Melaleuca at regualar retail prices with no requirement of purchasing each month.

Melaleuca also has a "Customer Satisfaction" guarantee and will refund the purchase price or exchange for a different product.


I have been a loyal customer for years, and when I signed up, I had to place my first order at the same time. I am willing to bet that the person who signed you up also requested a "Back-up Order" for you.

Either you didn't fully understand that or you weren't told by the rep. I've never known them to sign someone up without placing the first order at the same time.

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