Rockaway Beach, Missouri

I totally agree with previous customers about this website. I thought it was a lot like avon, boy was I wrong!

One can't even purchase items without selling it! That's Bull____!! I was first turned on by a friend's mother, the product is wonderful but I can't seem to get her to order me enough or what I want so I thought i'd skip the middle person and do it myself but I don't have time nor the desire to sell this!!

What a crock! You should be able to buy it like others.

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To those who use their products, I know they are healthier than buying the toxic stuff from the store.... but have you REALLY researched the price difference?

Is safety worth the extra price?

I can go to the seed store and buy a bag of seeds for a buck and plant them. I have food... Same thing with MELAELUCA... They get their raw materials from plants that grow FREE....why must the consumer pay a higher premium for safe items?

Get real. They sugar coat the bottom WILL pay...and pay dearly


There is a problem I have with the company. I was told point blank that a customer can give up all they want to, but MELAELUCA still has the customers credit card information and will STILL charge them and send them merchandise whether they want it or not!

For those who are thinking of quitting this place, you better cancel your credit card!!!


I've been a Melaleuca customer for years and have never had any problem ever!Their products are very high quality and consistently better value than the toxic stuff in the store.All I have to say to you Anonymous is you are a Totally Clueless ***.It's idiots like you that degrade genuine consumer watchdog sites and render them useless.


In response to your anger, you can sign up to be just a customer and receive discounted prices. You do not have to sell the product in order to get it.

I would more than happy to explain/help better inform you about the company because I feel that the person that did it for you really ruined your experience. Melaleuca has done alot for people from just using products as well as keeping them employed while the rest of the world seems to be barely hanging on. I think that you do have the right to be angry, but please make sure you are well informed befor you post something that is not accurate.

If you would like to learn more about Melaleuca and/ or have questions please email me and I would love to clarify for you.

Thank you!


Having been a very happy Melaleuca customer for 18 years, let me clear some of this up.

1. About 80-90% of Melaleuca customers are just consumers of the products, just switching stores to safer, better-working products that cost less to use per use than store brands (I've seen about 35% cheaper than "Big Box" stores). They can order direct at regular prices or, if they commit to switch about $60 of their monthly shopping to these consumable products that they are buying somewhere else anyway, they can be a Preferred Customer and receive a 30-40% discount, plus discounts on services people also use all the time - phone, travel, health, vehicle and mortgage savings, home security, identity protection, etc. Customers shop from a catalog by phone or online. Their products out-perform others I have used. And when it comes to having chemicals out of the home and getting supplements that you can really feel, the quality is unparalleled. I trust this manufacturer to research heavily what they put on the market. They've been green for 25 years.

2. The rest of the customers merely refer others to Melaleuca and the company pays them a monthly commission from their monthly customers' purchases. Word-of-mouth advertising. They are called marketing executives, but are not distributors. They don't stock products, buy inventory, sell products (just memberships), or take orders, deliver or take money or do bookkeeping. Melaleuca does it all. There is no stockpiling or buying huge amounts to make quotas; in fact, Marketing Executives don't earn volume or commission on their own shopping orders. They are not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. They are a Consumer-Direct Marketing company, which Melaleuca pioneered. And their compensation plan is very generous - blows other companies' out of the water.

3. Here's the kind of ethics this company has from the top down: In 2009, Melaleuca was the only direct-selling company that made a profit. When asked what his secret was, the President, Frank VanderSloot, as keynote speaker at the annual Direct Selling Association's convention, answered it is that they are not willing for even one person to get hurt in Melaleuca. He has also stood up to Proctor and Gamble to stop making such a caustic dishwasher compound and told another manufacturer, who offered him a $3 drink product that another distributor was selling for $40 a bottle, to take a hike saying, "We don't do business that way." He serves on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Melaleuca has been awarded the top Blue Torch award by the Better Business Bureau, along with many other awards that you can see at

These are reasons why I stay with this company, plus I love their products and I get paid to recommend a good thing. The grocery stores don't reward me for that.

And there is no risk to try it - a 4 month trial membership period and 60-day 100% refund on all their products. They also give you an extra $100 over 5 months to try new things. Duh, it's a no-brainer. I've never seen anything like it. To the skeptics I just say, "Just gotta try it for yourself."


My wife and I have been using their products for about a year now. I personally think the products are generally pretty good, with the exception of the cleaners.

My problem with the company is that you have to purchase a minimum monthly amount or pay a membership fee. I think that is a pathetic way to do business.


Not sure what this anonymous person is claiming. One can be either a consumer member or a marketing executive.

If a consumer one does not need to sell to others, just is able to purchase at discounted rate.

This is either mal-informed or a somebody trying to give a bad rep to a great company for whatever personal reason. ( perhaps a competition)


This right. I talked to rep a few months ago and probably will sign up myself in a few weeks.

Signing up as a customer gives you a discount, but to sign up as a distributor gives you a deep discount.

Hope this helps. The products are great, but they go through their distributors rather than a web store.


You can sign up strictly as a customer, there is no requirement for a customer to sell.

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