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So, I originally signed up to help a friend out. Boy what a mistake.

Its a multi-level marketing scheme at its best relying on a large influx of people who start then stop when results don't appear at least thats what I've seen. Also, they misrepresent the amount you'll be spending each month on a preferred account. Thirty-five points is in reality 55.95$ / mo and that's not considering the 7 or 10 dollars UPS charges for shipping. They misrepresent the services they provide and make it overall difficult to cancel an account once open.

I sent my initial email off at the beginning of february and didn't receive a reply until the 23rd or 25th with the link for the cancellation form. I scoured that site looking for that form and it has to be submitted before something like the 18th for it to be effective the same month. So 55.95 dinged again. A month after the effective cancel date, I find my credit card is still being dinged by melaleuca.

Its no longer 55.95+ship/mo now its only 8.95 but still... when a customer asks "How do I shut everything down I know about the benefits how do you shut it down" followed by the response .... two pages of marketing hype ... if you really want to cancel here's the link for the form" followed by ...

"Will this shut down everything" ... "Yes, this will shut down your preferred melaleuca account." ... Not canceled by the 18th so it won't be effective until next month ... A month after that oh another bill 8.95 well its less.

A Call back. "Oh no this isn't part of your preferred account its completely seperate". Geez talk about a nightmare I signed up one single form and from what I read of that form it was one single service.

Hope that you did it with a credit card and be ready to dispute the credit card charges when they come in after you think you've canceled everything, just saying. Man what a scam.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Sprint is MUCH better now for ceumotsr service. Call quality isn't always perfect, but their ceumotsr service is nearly perfect -- never a problem they didn't resolve and do what ...


I have had an active melaleuca preferred customer account for 18 years now and i cannot beleive how lazy people are when it comes to actually doing something good for themselves! I have referred many of my friends and relatives to become customers with melaleuca and yes not all have continued to be loyal customers but none of them have ever had any reason to verbally bash this totally awesome company!

I have even helped some of them cancel their customer status and there has never ever been a problem. in fact, the exact opposite is true! This company has been in business for 27 years now and the complaints that go to the bbb are a trickle(and all are resolved eventually) compaired to other MLM companies or Direct sales companies that tout big claims on their products and money that can be earned, all of which usually are completely inflated and unfounded in reality! Melaleuca tries very hard to make it CRYSTAL CLEAR that it is against company policy to misrepresent or mislead or misinform any potential preferred customer, that is why they reserve the right to cancel a marketing executives contract if they violate that trust.

If you have been mislead by someone representing Melaleuca, do your diligence and ask the appropriate questions and also report that individual to Melaleuca, they will be dealt with. Do not go on to bash this company as it is truly one of the shining lights in a corporate landscape of companies that do not care about anything other than shareholder profits!


Without jumping through the hoops of either printing the cancellation form and FAXing it in or sending it by snail mail, you'll have to contact the BBB servicing Idaho Falls, ID and file complaint against Melaleuca. Melaleuca responded to my complaint within 72 hours and cancelled the account. Funny that Melaleuca claims they need a signature to cancel the account but that wasn't the case once they were notified of my complaint.


@SShearon: It looks like you didn't really read my post and missed my point. The main issue was not that the form had to be submitted by the 25th.

If it were that easy I wouldn't have bothered posting. The big problems were that the form was not available (had to get a direct link from customer service), customer service took several weeks to get me the link (with 2 pages marketing hype obscuring the link), and the form only canceled one single aspect of the service, the preferred melaleuca account, not both my melaleuca and preferred which as it turns out are in fact are two different services (Thought I was only signed up for one service My Melaleuca).

Couple that with the conversations I had with the customer service "Will this shut down everything...", and their response "Yes, this will shut down your preferred melaleuca account". I don't know about you but that seems to me to be actively deceptive simply because they don't answer my question, they only answer part of it while making it sound like their answering it.


you people arent cancelling right obviously!! these reviews are just ridiculous!


You are so wrong about his company. You obviously I'd not open your eyes.

It's as simple o cancel as it was o join.

And all the products re great! People who are negative are to ignorant to look further


I am so mad at myself and a family member for getting me involved with this company. They made me believe it was so easy to sign up which it was.

But also made me believe it was so easy to cancel whenever I wanted to. It is a total scam and I so mad that I have money taken out of my account every month. They need to come up with an easier way to cancel the membership.

I will defintely influence anyone I know not to sign up with this company. :(

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