DO NOT JOIN THIS COMPANY - SERVICE IS A NIGHTMARE MELALEUCA Is like joining a bad nightmare that you can't wake up from. I joined Melaleuca and was a customer of theirs for 6 months. During this time, I only bought vitamins from them. At one point, I was a week late in...
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From reading your complaint, I don't see where you have any real grounds to even complain... The company did exactly what YOU instructed them to do! The membership forms are very easy to understand and are very user friendly. There is clearly a place on the form, where you can choose your back-up order, or you can allow the company to send you a selection of various products. If you wanted just the vitamins, this is where you would tell them that. Otherwise, you accept the companies selection of various items.

Since this choice was not made by you, then by default, you will get the selection that is sent by the company. You can change this option at any time. However, because you had already authorized the selection order, this is what you were shipped. YES, they will give you a full refund for items returned (used or not). But why should they also have to reimburse you for shipping? You agreed to this choice before they sent it to you. They did the job that you asked them to do. The fact that you didn't want that selection of products is a moot point. You got what you asked for, and they shipped it to you!

You need to own up to your own mistakes and not try to hold Melaleuca or others responsible for your obvious oversight on the membership form. This is an extremely ethical and good company with incredible products that are unmatched in the marketplace. If you had not been so narrow minded and tried out that product selection that you received, you would have found that there is so much more to Melaleuca than just there incredible multi-vitamin products. Sorry, but you were the one who was in the wrong here!

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