Wellington, Nevada

I have been blogging with the Inspire Website, in which fellow suffers of contact dermatitis share personal experience- failures , success and advice not based on personal gain.

One blogger has been touting Melaleuca, showed amazing before and after pictures. Then this person "CurlyLatina" asked to be my friend.

OK, seemed we had similar skin issues, but then the sales pitch began on my friend page. No small samples to check for my allergies, even if I paid for them.

She told me to join and then I could cancel my automatic 50 dollars a month fee very easily if it didn't work for me, yet after reading that this might be a marketing scheme I knew I needed to test my instincts. My warning survival bells kept tolling, her intensity, her curiously weird and desperate passion in which she spent an hour (gave out phone number) explaining this complicated program (as stated, all I wanted was to buy a small sample to test my reaction) and now have learned that the person who signs you up gets 3% a month of what you spend and have no idea what they make signing you up.

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One of the great things about this company is anyone can do it. One of the bad things about this company is anyone can do it.

A lot of people think they have to be the pushy sales car guy that creeps everyone out. I hate that. I am so sorry you had a bad experiance. I actually have a degree in Environmental science and when it comes to just the products alone, they are really amazing and great for people with sensitive skin.

While I dont have sensitive skin myself, I have a friend who actually turned me onto this. She has sensitive skin and swears by it. Even if you are not interested in the business part of it, I hope you reconsider the products themselves. They are good for you and for the environment.

Either way, again, I am sorry for the bad experience and hope all is well for you.

Take care. Adam


If I had introduced you to Melaleuca and you wanted to test a product out, I would have bought a sample for you so that you could test it out before you decided to join or not. That's one thing I love about buying things for free with Melaleuca (if you do the business part of it) is that you can buy stuff just to have samples to give people.

Definitely shouldn't make someone go through all that trouble for a simple sample. ;) Especially if they aren't wanting it at the moment for certain. I'm sorry you had a bad experience.

I'm a newer member and loving it! It's lots of fun to me :)


There is no $50/month fee. And if you don't like the products, you can return them or exchange them. She didn't make 3%, she made between 7% and 20%.


The products I've tried have all been great. My experience with the company has been pleasant. I think if you could find someone else in the area that buys melaleuca they would be able to help you get the product you need to try.


So sorry to hear you had a bad experience. My experience with melaleuca has been quite different. A sample could have easily been given to you, for free, so you could see, yourself, how amazing the products are!

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