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The man is very unprofessional...

I cancelled my Melalueca account and he took it extremely personal.

I never talked to this man once while I was becoming a member or while I was a member. The day I sent my cancellation form in I get a message from him trying to make me feel like I made the worst decision in the world. He accused me of absurd things, told me I cancelled in retaliation. I can't believe they have a person like that working for this company.

It's giving them an extremely bad name. When I was going to respond back to his ridiculous messages he blocked me so I could not respond. A grown man who acts like a child should not be dealing with their customers. I am disgusted of how I got treated all because this company was simply not for me!

Grow up Mark Kenney stop taking silly things so personal.

There are plenty of customers out there for you. So next time respect someone's decision of not wanting to be apart of Melalueca and quit being such a little ***.

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I am the Mark Kenney libeled in this post and the best summery of all of this is captured in the Daniel Patrick Moynihan quote when he was responding to James Buckley. He said "You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts".

First of all, to Concerned, Lynette and Tikvah, you only have one side of the story. I shall share mine here in a moment but in the future, try to remember you are on the internet, on a web site full of partial truths and packed with posts from emotionally irritated people, most of whom claim honest companies and people are Satan incarnate because someone didn't roll over and give them the store for free because they were really upset. Look at the nameof this site for goodness sakes... pissed consumer..

Anyone using these so called Customer Advocate sites for honest research has no idea how to do honest research. This is at best a glorified message board where angry people exaggerate, attack others and simply blow off steam. There are thousands of reports on here that Wal Mart and other credible retailers are scams for example. You really must read this stuff with a giant grain of salt and when it comes to Melaleuca, I would insist on setting up a real appointment with someone and getting the entire presentation from top to bottom to get all the information instead of trying to let emotional people sway you away from real facts.

To really???... I think I know who you are and thanks but I don't need to be defended here. Your personal issues with the OP are just that and I wont get in the middle of that stuff. I do indeed try to help as many people as I can and in those attempts as anyone who has tried to help others knows, you can only help those who will let you help them.

I want to be clear about this too... I do not work for Melaleuca directly, I am not an employee of Melaleuca and I most certainly do not speak for Melaleuca. I am simply a person with an Independent Marketing Agreement with them and nothing more. I have indeed talked with legal at the company and made them aware of this page. If they chose to post or not post, that is entirely up to them and I will respect whatever they choose to do with that.

As to the personal accusations above, my recollections are much different. I have never met the OP. We did have one very brief exchange thru Facebook IM that came about because her enroller was very worried and concerned.

The way it was painted to me was that the OP was really excited to try some products so she happily enrolled. Suddenly with no warning at all to the enroller, the OP cancelled and refused to return any phone calls FB messages or cell phone text messages. It was as if she fell of the planet. Her enroller was terrified that she as an enroller had done something very wrong so she reached out to her enroller for help. Her enroller tried to reach out to the OP and was again blown off so they both came to me asking for my help.

I saw no reason to make it any more complicated than it had to be so instead of calling and leaving a bunch more messages I simply sent a message on FB saying I saw she had canceled, can I help at all, etc. We had a few exchanges (which I have copies of too) and in review of them, I see nothing either one of is said that was really bad, wrong or even a little but unprofessional with the only exception being how it all ended. More on that in a moment.

In the exchange, I mentioned that some people cancel because they are upset with their enroller. I thought this may have been the case since she was apparently no longer speaking to her enroller. I explained that when people do that it is called "Enroller Dissatisfaction" and is simply retaliation but that shouldn't be a reason to throw the baby out with the bath water. That has been twisted above to look like I coldly accused her of retaliation and that was not the case at all. I was simply reaching out in an effort to help.

The exchange ended coldly as she asked me to just to respect her decision about it and not contact her again. So, I took that at face value, blocked her off and moved on with life. I honestly thought it was a done issue until I saw this page.

All I can say here is what I have already said in private message. Melaleuca is worth far more than to let anyone or anything keep it from you. Even if you think I'm evil, you shouldn't let me keep you and your family from having the very best quality products on earth at the very best value found anywhere.

I am certainly very sorry for anything that I said or did that came off wrong to anyone, I would have not even been involved at all had two gals who cared and suspected a problem didn't ask me to reach out.

For me, the lesson here in all of this is for those enrolled to communicate with their enrollers. If you want to suspend, don't avoid your enroller, pick up the phone and talk honestly to them. Share your concerns. They cared enough to share Melaleuca with you in the first place so you should care enough to talk to them back. If that had happened here, none of this would have ever happened.


About " my normal drama" ... Yeah because YOU know about me and my life so well...don't you have customers to find to purchase products? Stop worrying about this so called "drama" that you think I cause and get back to work!


If anyone should be ashamed it should be Mr. Kenney.

You see my issue isn't with the company other than it simply was not for me (Dont know what the big freaking deal) So no one here is bashing the company. My problem is with Mark and how I was treated by him because I wanted to cancel. My style? Hmm I didn't know that writing a complaint about the truth is such a terrible thing.

The only one talking out of there *** is you bc your embarrassed of the truth of how you acted so your trying to save your reputation is what is sounds like. And no I did not CALL the company so get your story straight, they were EMAILED. And if the company did not "believe" me why did they call me and leave me a long positive message about the situation? I also have a copy of all the messages that were being sent so I'm sure the company would love to see that since I'm such a "liar."

Get over it.

I am! :-)


Bri, you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to slime Mark here but that is your style isnt it. he only reached out to you because he was asked to by someone who used to care about you. he didn't even have to give you the time of day as you weren't even his customer but he did and i've seen the entire exchange, i also know you called the company to *** and they didn't believe you either, and I also know this post is very misleading and wrong of you to make in the first place and it's all been reported to the company.

Your the one who said you would try it and then you didn't. how is that his fault??? why hide that you said one thing and did another and try to make it all into something it's not??? from what i understand you have never so much as spoke to mark even one time yet here you are talking out your *** like you know the man personally. Do you try to ruin every reputation like you tried to do with me to???

this company is fine, and mark kenny is fine. i'm sure he has his issues like we all do but i also know he has hundreds of customers he works with so i'm pretty sure he didn't take you personally. It's more likely that he didn't have time for your normal drama.


I would have to agree with Concerned; just a bad rep. I love Melaleuca the people at the home office are so nice, professional and helpful.

I have the same support team and I just bypass them and only deal with the home office. :grin


I agree with Concerned you got yourself one *** of an ***. It's a shame too, he's simply misrepresenting the company and what it stands for.

It's kinda like when you go to your favorite restaurant and you get a server with a bad attitude.

You love the restaurant but the individual serving you is failing epically. I'm so sorry you had to deal with such an ignorant fool.


The business representatives involved in this company are literally consumers/customers just like you and me who have decided that they would like to advertize the products and make some extra cash on the side.

A conclusion on how the company is as a whole should not be dependent on your opinion of one person. Perhaps you should write a letter directly to Maleleuca letting them know the way you have been treated and I'm sure they would deal with this individual accordingly. Possibly cutting off his business privileges.

The companies mission statement is: Enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping them reach their Goals.

There is nothing sleezy about that. All you got was a bad representative.