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so i was searching the web and stumbled across Malalcuca The wellness company. I was not introduced untill the end when they tryed to sell me a membership.

I ended up clicking on a "Rep's" link and still no known info on what this was. All i knew was it was a way to make money at home. The "Rep" called me the next day after i accepted more info. He Asked me to join a online meeting with some other higher "Rep".

She started talking about Malalcuca and at the beginning she told me the price of the Prefered customer. Any way i had to become one for 30 bucks, but just for that night intill midnight it was just a dollar. How convenyent, for just a dollar. for the first month, then 30 bucks every month after.

oh and you have to bye their *** so much a month. which is 200 bucks worth of stuff you never heard of. so for an hour i listened to the Rep talk about the company and talk about how their brands is so much better then this name brand and that name brand. Right after the online metting i got a call back from the lesser Rep.

and wanted to know if i'm interested in it. I recently lost my job, so i told him i didn't have a dollar. He thought that was very funny, I kindly repeated that i just don't have a dollar. he said that he'll just get back with me in a few weeks after i found a job.

WoW, i need a job to get a job. don't sound like a scam to you? One Dollar is all it takes? If you can make all this money why even offer a one dollar rate to new EMPLOYEES?

Why not just let them have a free first month to help them get started? Because, you the employee are their customers, and they don't care if you ever sell one item, you are their sells?

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First of all, The Melaleuca membership was on a promotion in the month of October. It is a one time fee on 29 dollars except that in October it was a dollar to join.

(One time Fee). Yes every month you must continue to buy 35 product points to maintain your preferred customer status with the company.

My advice to you would be, to become correctly educated on a matter before you try oppressing Melaleuca and the opportunity they have created for millions. There products are great and if they weren't, they would have failed 25 years ago.


I can't believe how many people have their facts so wrong! $29 is the cost to become a preferred customer.

Last I checked, it was $50 to become a customer at Costco. It is a ONE time sign up cost, $12 annually after that. WAY less than Sams or Costco! Purchasing 35 points worth is extremely easy.

I meet that every time I purchase my vitamins, which are the BEST vitamins on the market. If you don't take vitamins, you could meet that point level for simply buying your laundry soap, hand lotion, toiletries... or 400 of the other products they have. The people who have commented on here absolutely don't know the first thing about Melaleuca...

it's just sad since these people could be changing their health or changing their financial situation just buy changing stores and saving money. So sad.


What I don't see people mentioning here is that the company refuses to give out its ingredients. What they call a "non-toxic" product lists two "natural" ingredients on the label, then says "95% other ingredients." When I called the rep on this they said if I become a member I will ahve access to the ingredients.

No thanks.

If this company will not be up front about what is in its products I want no part of them. All you people saying these are non-toxic and environmentally friendly - you know this how?


No matter what people think of these products please consider the fact that they are non-toxic, safer for your home, the environment, our children, and they are powered by nature and certainly do not contribute to the rising rates of disease and cancer like other products do. The chemicals in many of the products we use everyday are contributing to the death of people you know right now!!!

Do your research and you may see Melaleuca in a different light.

They are also less expensive than what you find at your local Target, etc...They use less plastic which ends up way too often in our landfills (:cry). I am not a tree hugger, just a responsible mother and human being but I do know what makes sense to me and everyone around me.


I am a happy customer, and yes, I am also building my business. This company gives you the opportunity to make money by referring other customers.

It is that simple. The 35 point monthly order commitment is EASY if you love the products. If you don't, then it's not for you and you CAN cancel. There are policies to follow, every company has policies to follow.

The customer service is excellent, so if you ask how to do what you need to do, you will get the help you need. It seems that people who post the majority of negative comments were misinformed or, as one other person suggested, posting to get leads for another business. If your local grocery gave you money for referring customers, would you think it was a scam or would you refer people? But those stores do not work that way because of the overhead.

This is simply a different business model that benefits customers. Ok, getting off the soapbox now!


Just started using Melaleuca products...extremely satisfied so far. Great price for great products!


Ok, there's something seriously wrong here. The person who wrote this didn't even spell the name right. $10,000 says it's a gutter cheap-o start up trying to scrape business by attempting to discredit an established company - unfortunately a common practice in the MLM world (and MLM companies hate Melaleuca).


First of all, you pay a ONE TIME membership fee of $30, or if you're lucky enough to catch a special month, $1. Then you agree to buy 35 points worth of product each month to remain a preferred customer, which gives you a 30-40% discount off normal prices.

Think of it like this, if you have ever belonged to Costco, BJ's, or Sam's Club, you paid an ANNUAL membership fee (sometimes more than $30) to be able to buy in bulk. Melaleuca is much the same, but all of their products are non-toxic and better for your family and the environment.


you can not cancel anytime and if you can please explain how you can. And you have to sell at least 35 to 40 products a month which is about $1,400 at cost a month. I do not know if you are saling the same product we are Kenpomom.


i think you're being a bit too critical. its a produce you have to try to believe.

its a lifestyle. if you wanted to join to try and replace a job, then its probably not for you. the product is incredible, and im happy to support my community and environment and health and the other shoppers and leaders by buying this unbelievable product. im replacing this membership with my $100 a year sams member ship.

also, you dont pay 30 bucks every month.

you buy 35 points every month to keep the membership(which is easy, cause their selection is so vast), and you can cancel at any time. i recommend you read up a little more before you think this company can't help your life in one way or another.


:) this is so spot on! Thanks for posting!

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